MLA Raj Kishore Kesri Stabbed By Rupam Pathak

BJP MLA in Purnea died on tuesday within seconds. A woman attacked Raj Kishore Kesri while he was meeting visitors at his residence.

Rupam Pathak, had filed a police case last year against the MLA of raping her on different occasions over the last three years. Kesri had denied the charges. “The woman had filed a police complaint, but when she appeared in court, she didn’t stand by her allegations, even her husband denied the allegations.

There was no evidence that Rupam withdrew the complaint under pressure from the MLA, and that there is no evidence that she blackmailed the MLA.

Rupam was hospitalized in critical condition after she was assaulted by Kesri’s bodyguards as well as members of the public.

If Rupam was raped by MLA then why did she withdrew the case?

By killing MLA, Rupam did right?

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