Mobile Brand Ambassador Celebrities

Mobile phones are among the top products to be gifted at major celebrity events and international award shows – including, the Academy Awards. But now with the award season largely behind us, the red carpet photos have been taken and enough celebrities have been photographed with their phones. Mobiles is one thing that is must in today’s life. Bollywood celebs like Amitabh Bachhan, Hritik, S R K, Aamir Khan, Kareena are brand ambassador of mobile companies.

Celebrities who are Brand Ambassador of Mobiles are as follows:-

Amitabh Bachhan:

Brand ambassador for: Zen Mobile

Shah Rukh Khan:

Brand ambassador for: Nokia phones

Sonam Kapoor
Brand Ambassador: Spice Mobiles

Hrithik Roshan

Brand ambassador: Reliance Mobile.

Aamir Khan

Brand Ambassador: Samsung Mobile

Kangana Ranaut

Brand ambassador: Alcatel Mobile 

Bipasha Basu

Brand ambassador: Wynncom Mobiles

Akshay Kumar

Brand ambassador: Micromax  Mobiles

Kapil Dev

Brand Ambassador: Olive  Mobiles

Kareena Kapoor

Brand Ambassador: Sony Ericsson Mobiles

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