New Drinking Law In Maharashtra

The legal age limit for alcohol consumption being raised to 25 years in Maharashtra. How much of you think is right or wrong decision? Imran Khan has decided to file a PIL against the new ruling. Amitabh Bacchan, Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao are also against the new law.

Aamir Khan said: “If the legal age for voting and marriage is less than 25 which are frankly much bigger decisions, I don’t understand the point of this new ruling. It is not that I support consumption of alcohol but then the freedom to be able to choose cannot be taken away from the youth.”
Kiran Rao says “The youth should be allowed to make their decisions.”
Big B had tweeted: “I was never told what to do or how to behave when I was young. The drinking age limit has growing to 25, Old and mature enough to vote for the country, or join army and fight for the nation.but not old and mature enough to be told when you are allowed to drink,Strange.”

What do you think about this new law?

Will this law be successfully implemented in Maharashtra?

2 thoughts on “New Drinking Law In Maharashtra

  1. Mr. Useless khans of bollywood please tell us Is Drinking habit is good for health or nation? If yes why you guys not allowing drinks in Saudi Arabia? We are not asking you to support for this. Dont do any good things at least keep quite? Do you people have any sense? Are you aware what you are saying? Stop this nonsense. This law is very much appreciatable.

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