New Year N New Resolutions

Year 2014 is going to end after few days n we all are waiting to welcome New Year 2015. 

Each year we do mistakes n make promises n resolutions for not repeating our mistakes. We hurt someone knowingly or unknowingly.
In winters we hear people die due to access cold, but how many of us has gone to help needy ones by gifting or giving them woollen clothes, blankets or just buying them a cup of tea????? 
In summers people die due to access heat and humidity . How many of us has given a glass of water to a courier men who comes to our house to deliver our needed things!!!! How many of us keep a bowl of water for birds?.
Being a human being we should help each human being . It’s not about how much you can help it’s about u can help a bit also.
We all believe in god n what our religion teaches us is to help others without seeing his/her religion or class. By helping others we can feel happy In ourselves. Try to help those whose who need u. We all have seen people on road sides, in railways stations, in slum areas, sometimes we feel Sad and bad for them  but it’s time to make them feel that they are human beings.

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