Nirupama Case- Another Aarushi?

The 14-year-old daughter of a successful dentist couple Aarushi, was found dead with her throat slit in her parents’ home at Jalvayu Vihar in Noida, a posh suburb of Delhi. Suspicion immediately fell on the family’s live-in man-servant who was missing from two days after girls death but sooner his dead body was found on the terrace of the same apartment of Jalvayu Vihar. Now its going to be two years but yet no conclusion or criminal is being arrested. Is this the same thing going to happen with Nirupama a young Journalist? She studied in Journalism in Delhi and used to stay in PG. She was found dead in mysterious circumstances on April 29. She was pregnant and had pregnancy of 10 to 12 weeks. It is also said that her death is ‘Honour Killing’.

Firstly police arrested her mother because she changed her statements now and then. According to police it seemed to be the case of murder as it was shown that she committed suicide and also a note was found. Police investigated the case but as mistake and irresponsibility was seen in Aarushi murder case here it happened the same. In Delhi, the girl’s boyfriend, Priyabhansu Ranjan, a journalist, too will be questioned on Thursday by a police team from Koderma. He said he is ready to cooperate with the police. ‘‘Koderma was a new place and I was a bit scared to go there.

Nirupama’s death in her home here is being suspected as a case of honour killing. The police have arrested her mother Subha Pathak but are yet to find any direct evidence against her.

Nirupama had decided to secretly marry Priyabhansu at an Arya Samaj temple on March 6 because her family members were opposed to the marriage. On March 2, Nirupama received a letter from her father Dharmesh Pathak in which he had asked her not to marry Priyabhanshu. She should not marry someone who doesn’t follow the “Sanatan Dharma”, Dharmesh had written, adding such marriage does not last long. Besides, her relation with her parents, relatives and the society will be severed for ever. He had advised Nirupama to think twice before marrying a man from different caste.

Koderma chief judicial magistrate (CJM) N K Agrawal directed the police to lodge an FIR against Priyabhanshu Ranjan under four sections of the IPC — 306 (abetment to suicide), 376 (rape), 520 (criminal intimidation) and 420 (cheating).
Parents or not, one does not even have the right to make decisions for another person or his/her life after they attain a legal age – this is what our constitution says too.
What gives us the right to judge others by saying they are tainting the society??
What society are we talking about hypocrites???
Maybe this will end up as another Aarushi case?

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