NRI Brides & Grooms – Trustable?

Marriages are made in heaven! This is what we all believe but how much is truth? Indian brides and grooms marrying NRI Grooms and brides are facing various problems such as lying, cheating, false promises, dowry demands, quick divorces, desertion and abduction of children. Hundreds of women in Punjab marry Indians living abroad because they think their marriage would be a ticket to a better life. But for many of these women life turns hell when their husbands abandon them.

Dhaliwal, a Canadian citizen, alleged that he married Rukhwant Kaur Toor in India in March 2003. After five days of marriage, he returned to Canada and began the sponsorship process. Dhaliwal said that 15 months later, Rukhwant telephoned him, telling him that she had arrived in Surrey, Canada. Dhaliwal alleged that Rukhwant cheated him claiming: “Rukhwant has taken away all the jewellery, her own as well as the ornaments and I gave her, the clothes, and the registry of my ancestral home which is in Sangrur district. Dhaliwal said he has lodged a complaint with Jagraon police against his bride and her family, accusing them of cheating him.
Avtar Singh Grewal, an NRI businessman in Vancouver, Canada, is under arrest in Delhi for allegedly killing his wife Navneet in USA. Navneet is one of the hundreds of women in India who married NRIs for a better life abroad but soon found that the marriage was a nightmare. Kiranjit Ahluwalia endured 10 years of violent abuse from her UK-based husband before she killed him in May 1989.
Sonal Agarwal says her disfigured face is a constant reminder of the most terrifying night of her life – her wedding night. My husband just went crazy. He said he wanted to kill me and lashed out at me with a knife and cut my face.” said Sonal, tugging a blue scarf covering her head to hide slash wounds on her left cheek. “He was mentally sick and wasn’t a doctor and didn’t have a job. His family tricked me and now my life is finished,” she said.
Sneha Singh said she didn’t know much about her groom but still married him. Her parents didn’t find about the US-based groom-a mistake. Her husband, mother-in-law and sisters-in-law turned out be cruel.
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