One More Ruchika – Arvinder Kaur!

The Retired DGP serves two-year imprisonment for molesting teenager budding tennis player Ruchika Girhotra 20 years ago, now a retired IG’s name has surfaced for allegedly assaulting a woman lawyer sexually.The retired police officer- M.S. Ahlawat – has been accused of molesting Arvinder Kaur about eight years ago. He has been caught for intimidating, threatening and molesting the lawyer.

The victim came in contact with Ahlawat when she had gone to meet him in regard with a dowry harassment case against her husband.
“He had threatened me saying that if I tell anyone he would implicate me and my family in false cases,” she said.
He promised to help me and called me at his residence where he sexually assaulted me,” alleged the victim.

For eight years the police did not take any action on the complaint filed by her. It was only after she sat on a protest outside the offices of Haryana chief minister and DGP that an inquiry was ordered.
This is how a women in our country is treated. Firstly she is harassed for dowry then if she wants to raise her voice she is being molested and harassed by police.

What punishment is suitable for IG M S Ahlawat?

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