Onion to touch Rs 100 a kilo? Why?

The wholesale rate of onion has hiked at around Rs.70 per kg, at the retail level it is around Rs.100 per kg. The government has banned exports and traders are importing stocks from Pakistan, but prices continue to remain high.

Agriculture minister Sharad Pawar said the government could do little more than wait and watch. Untimely rains have destroyed crops, leading to the increase in prices. But poor planning of our government has added to the common to poor man in misery.

Onion is evaporated from market and also from Hotels, Dhabas, and Fast food corners.

In Lucknow, the retail price of onion was Rs 30 on Sunday, but had shot up to Rs 50 on Tuesday. In Delhi and Bangalore, traders were quoting Rs 70 to Rs 80. In Chennai, prices hovered around Rs 60. The prices of other vegetables, like tomato, have risen too. In Bhubaneshwar, it cost Rs 30 on Sunday. By Tuesday, vendors were asking for Rs 60.

In Nashik district of Maharashtra, onion prices fell to Rs 3,702 per quintal from Rs 5,200 per quintal. The government virtually pleaded helplessness for another two-three weeks while Prime Minister Manmohan Singh interfered into the scene.

Rich are getting richer and more richer , and common man is fighting starvation – empty stomachs . Is this the development we are looking and envisioning for?

Why always common man has to suffer either inflation or high prices?

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