Petrol Prices Rise, Politician’s On The Road!

Within 24 hours of state election results oil marketing companies increased petrol prices by Rs 5 a litre. This is the seventh time in 11 months that petrol prices have gone up. Common man suffers in each and every way either by paying Rs 5 more or while getting stucked in jams….

Prices of petrol raised on Monday and opposition party BJP took out rally in Delhi at 14 places where people faced severe jams and also wasted fuel in jams.
The jam wasted the time, energy and fuel of people going to their work.
The rally was taken out to show the protest against high prices but is this the way to oppose?
The actual means of strike is the way Anna Hazare did in ‘Gandhiji’ style but politician’s just know how to create scene and waste common man’s time. 

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