Promises Only For Promotion -Hockey 2010

Hockey was national game in history. Actors and actresses promote games and promise that they will watch the games and encourage common man to watch the games at stadium and motivate our home team. Actors and actresses promoted Hockey team and asked people to watch game at stadium and they will too watch the games at stadium and motivate our home team but no one actor actress or sports person was seen at stadium.
Sunil Shetty and Irfan Khan were the only actors who watched and promoted hockey team. Actress Priyanka Chopra, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Virendra Sehwag promoted Hockey matches and our team before matches started but no one of them were seen at stadium.

Is the promotion only important on television?

Why only common people go and watch matches live why not those people who promotes games and earn money. People promise and motivate common man to encourage their teams but they themselves don’t  think to watch. People watched hockey matches at stadium and encouraged home team. people bought tickets in black to watch game. people become crazy to watch games at stadium.
People bought tickets in black in front of police officers but no action was taken. It was believed that our home team would do better in Hockey World Cup but the performance we saw was very poor. Players didn’t gave their best as they were supposed to give. It seemed that our players were performing first time in World Cup.
What do you think about this Hockey World Cup match?

Where did our hockey team lack?

Is promotion of games only the way to earn money not promotion of sports?

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