Punishment For Murder And Rape Should Be…………?

In World every country has its own law, and each country has law for murder it differs for male and female. In India women’s are given life imprisonment and man’s are given hang till death punishment for murder. Each country in world has different laws and it is consider that India is a country who has liberal law for women’s than other countries. Every country tries to low down crime and criminals but in some cases nothing can be done and neither a person can brought on right path.

The punishment of murder is hang till death which means a person is hanged till he is dead. In India a person is given death punishment rarely. If the crime is not forgettable no hope of person being good in future is given death.
In 1980 only 25 countries had abolished the death penalty for all crimes. That figure now stands at 91, with a further 11 countries having abolished the death penalty for ‘ordinary’ crimes. In 2006 and 2007 respectively, the Philippines and the Cook Islands abolished the death penalty joining those 17 other Asia Pacific countries that have abolished the death penalty for all crimes. Twenty seven countries have now abolished the death penalty in law or in practice in the Asia Pacific region. In South Korea and Mongolia there have been legislative initiatives to abolish the death penalty.
At least 140 people are believed to have been sentenced to death in 2006 and 2007. Some 44 persons are currently known to be on death row awaiting a decision on their mercy petitions by the President of India. At independence in 1947, India retained the 1861 Penal Code which provided for the death penalty for murder, requiring judges to state the reasons if a death sentence was not imposed.
The death sentence is given to crimes like ‘terrorist’, rarest of rare’, ‘special reasons. Even death sentence should be given to rapist’s so that a person thinks twice before  committing any crime.
The United States has the highest rape rate among countries which report such statistics. It is 4 times higher than that of Germany, 13 times higher than that of England and 20 times higher than that of Japan. 83% of rape cases are ages 24 or under.
Women’s are not given death sentence in our country but yes they are given punishment of life imprisonment and a live example are:
Nalini murderer of Rajiv Gandhi. She has passed 19 years in jail as punishment and five more years are left as her punishment.
Mohammed Hanif Sayed, his wife Fahimida and their associate Ashrat Shafique Ansari who were sentenced to death by a special court.
Dhananjoy Chatterjee was hanged for the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl in 1990.
 Pakistani terrorist Mohammad Ajmal Kasab pleaded guilty before a special court on the charges of executing the terror strikes in Mumbai along with his accomplices, that claimed over 180 lives. He followed up his confession with a plea for an early sentence.
There are hundreds of name who are given death sentence and still awaiting for the punishment to be executed. To me death sentence is also less for criminals. They should be given such punishment that every human being thinks twice and thrice before doing any crime.
What is the most severe punishment that should be given to criminals?
What is your opinion for Death sentence?

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