Ragging A Curse

Ragging in done as fun but sometimes it become horrible. Ragging in Indian colleges is still a brutal reality despite all the claims and rules made by the Indian Government. Celebs like Mr. Suniel Shetty, Ms. Amrita Rao, Mr. Amol Gupte and Mr. Salman Khan are standing against ragging.

Ragging is one thing which has changed freshers lives who are afraid of being ragged. Many students want to hide such incidents from their families for the fear that they might have to discontinue their studies due to worrying concerns of their families for their safety.
Aman Kachroo (19), a first year MBBS student at Rajindra Prasad Government Medical College, Tanda (Kangra), was allegedly thrsahed by his seniors and he subsequently died on March 8, 2009.
A 20-year-old engineering student attempted suicide after being ragged by seniors in Andhra Pradesh.
Akil Dev, 19, survived a brutal attack, he was beaten badly and was left partially blind with a damaged retina. He had been stripped naked and thrashed by five senior students at his College of Art and Science in Coimbatore.
A female student attempted suicide she was stripped and forced to dance in the nude by older students at a college in Andhra Pradesh.

Many seniors feel that ragging is just an informal way to break the ice between them and the new batch. Ragging in India’s college hostels  takes the form of sexual abuse causing physical and mental torture to the juniors. Many students commit suicide after ragging.

In movie 3 Idiots we all have seen that ragging is done by seniors and if someone says no to it he/she is punished or threatened. We all know that life is precious and we should ‘Live and Let Live others’.

When i was in college i was too afraid of ragging but i was lucky because in my college ragging didn’t took place. Seniors do ragging with juniors as they were being ragged when they were freshers.

My sister was ragged by her seniors when she was fresher. She was told to wear kurta, with different colour salwar. She was forced to tie her hair in two way partition with. This is a case where ragging can be called as fun,but there are many such cases where lives are gone.

College authorities always claim that they have strictly banned ragging in campuses, and if any case happens, freshers can always complain to the Dean or to the faculty. Government has also passed strict laws against practising any form of ragging.
There is a Toll free number where anyone can call and file a complaint. Toll free number 1800 180 5522 action will be taken.

Do you support ”Ragging”?

What action should be taken against people do ragging? 

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