Rahul & Dimpy’s Publicity Stunt Or Reality

Dimpy left Rahul’s house after Rahul physically abused her and has now decided to never return back to Rahul’s house. Dimpy’s was seen with injuries in her left thigh and swollen face. She also had bruises in both her hands.

Rahul tried to open a message received by Dimpy Ganguly on her cell phone. He could not because the phone was locked. When he tried to awake Dimpy to unlock the phone, she reportedly asked him to let her sleep.

One such fight got so out of hand that I had to call my mother-in-law. Later he was angry that I had involved his mother in the affair, Rahul had pointed a gun at her. “He is a nice guy, but when he loses it, there is no telling what he might do.”Dimpy said.

Rahul suddenly turned violent and thrashed her. She said he punched, kicked and dragged her by her hair. Her father arrived at Rahul’s house at 4 pm after she related the incident to him over the phone. That’s when she returned to the house, packed her bags and left.

This is not the first time Rahul, has been accused of domestic violence.

His first behalf Shweta Singh, who was his childhood friend, had also accused him of physically abusing her. Shweta filed for divorce on 13 December 2007 on grounds of incompatibility and mutual consent of both parties.

Rahul Mahajan a good human being or a  bad husband?

What would you call this a Publicity stunt or Reality?

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