Rajesh Talwar and Nupoor Talwar Accused In Aarushi – Hemraj case

Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar are announced as accused in their daughter Aarushi and servant Hemraj murder. Rajesh and Nupur Talwar are summoned in this case by court.

Case will be runned on parents of Aarushi. The case will not be closed. Further investigation will be made by CBI against Talwar couple.
Court has accepted the closure report as charge-sheet filled by CBI.

The charges like 302, 120-B, 201 and the case will be run. Where they are accused of murder, destroying the proofs and suspect in crime.
Rajesh Talwar is still on bail and will be presented as accused in court and Nupur Talwar may be arrested or she can ask for bail from court.
Can any parents kill their daughter?

What would be the reason to kill own daughter and servant?

1 thought on “Rajesh Talwar and Nupoor Talwar Accused In Aarushi – Hemraj case

  1. Shame on those people who by not delving deep into this case hold absolutely innocent lady Dr. Nupur Talwar guilty of murder. If she is murderer, why her house was closed from outside as deposed by maid servant. Maid servant opened the lock on getting key from her. Why there were bloody shoe prints and foot prints in the house other than Dr. Talwar Couple? Why expert report of 7 AIIMS Doctor including Post-Morten Doctor says that murder weapon was Khukhari? Why there was no blood stain on clothes of Dr. Talwar of Hemraj? Why in Narco & Brain mapping test, there is nothing adverse against Dr. talwar Couple? Why Krishna Thadarai, Raj Kumar & Vijay Mandal accepted to have killed Aarushi & Hemraj in Narco & Brain Mapping Test.

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