Reality Or Another Timepass -Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaega

Rahul Mahajan a known name today. Now going to get marry to a dream girl of whom he ever thought. Rahul is going to get marry on a reality show and would select a girl from 16 contestants. Last year we saw a show “Rakhi ka Swayamwar”. At starting of show it was said that Rakhi would get marry at the end with one selected man by her, but she said that she wanted to know each other more and without cameras. People watched it and liked the show very much because today everyone likes to watch reality. But people felt that they were misguided. Now on same channel another reality show is coming called “Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaega”. It is same show but there is no difference.

Rahul became a Judge in a laughter show of kids few months back. He participated in Bigg Boss also.The show is about Rahul Mahajan a son of former BJP member Pramod Mahajan. Rahul is a divorcee. He firstly tied knot with Shweta in 2006 who was his best friend .And now he is in search of a true life partner. The promotions of the show is doing well and it is assumed that show will also go well. And Raveena Tondon is going to be seen as Rahul’s didi who would help her finding “Dulhaniya”. 

Will Rahul get married to a girl in the end of the show?

Is this show a truth or another time-pass show?

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