Reward or insult? Rs. 158 for Rajdhani heroes

The Railways has awarded just Rs. 3000 to 19 pantry workers, which works out to Rs. 158 per person. There were about 900 passengers including Railway staff in the train, but not a single passenger was injured because of the alert and brave pantry staff.

Pantry staff of the Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani Express saved hundreds of lives when three coaches of the train caught fire.
Spending crores of Rupees on some people and insulting others. This is the same railways that gave “LIFE TIME FREE 1AC passes” to all the members of Indian cricket team after their world cup win!
Government insulted them by announcing such a tiny amount. Instead if they took a function to honour them, it will give more happy and respect for their service.
25000 compensation to women footballer who lost her leg as there were no security for protection of women and now Rs.200 for staff who saved 100’s of passengers.

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