Rich Youngsters Fast Drving Taking Lives Of Poors

A 22-year-old driver in a Mercedes hit 10 vehicles in Pune, injuring ten people. Aditi Jagtap, 22-year-old girl was leaving for a friend’s place for Ganpati puja in her Mercedes. She then lost control as she drove Merc for the first time.

Her Mercedes hit six cars, three autos and one bus. She has been arrested for rash and negligent driving. She was taken to policy custody and later admitted to a hospital for a medical examination. Police believed that it was not a case of drunken driving.

The public must know who are the irresponsible citizens in this country. Atleast next time let the people be more careful when people like this girl take the car out. The should be punished severly according to the Indian law.

Why rich and drunk youngsters drive the car only to harm and kill the innocents?

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