Ruchika as a history in future

Ruchika Girhotra was a rising player of tennis but she committed suicide due to molestation by a police officer. Not only she but her family also suffered a lot. Ruchika Girhotra’s brother, Ashu, had filed an affidavit in the Punjab and Haryana High Court on December 3, 2001. Ashu was implicated and picked up for six false cases of auto theft — all the charges later fell flat in court. Ruchika, who was suffering from depression, he added: “Life was made more miserable for the entire family. Ruchika was literally living under house arrest. As and when Ruchika used to come out of our residence, some mischievous people, who were deployed at the instance of Rathore, used to pass lewd remarks at her. Rathore also made it a point to see that Ruchika did not continue her studies.”

Ashu was handcuffed and paraded in the neighbourhood. The “police officers were abusing my sister and father. I was like an animal who was in a cage and was trying to get myself free to save the honour of my family. My father begged the police to be afraid of God and not to inflict this inhuman torture on the family. After a few days, I was told in custody that Ruchika had committed suicide. I was picked up by the police on October 23, 1993 and was released only on December 23, 1993, after the death of my sister. Even her father suffered a lot when she was alive and after her death her family lived a hidden life due to terror of Rathore.

The name of Ruchika was changed to Ruby and the name of her fatherfrom S C Girhotra to Subhash chander Khatri. False documents were prepared by Rathore after death of Ruchika. Rathore pressured Ruchika’s father to abide whatever he said as well as his entire family would also meet the same fate. Using his strong influence in the police  he protected  that the cause of her death was consumption of slimming pills.

Home Minister has already taken steps to withdraw the police medal given to Rathore within the existing rule. Rathore was awarded the police medal for meritorious service onAugust 1, 1985.

It was CBI that dumped the abetment-to-suicide against former Haryana DGP S P S Rathore  in the Ruchik molestation case as agency told the trial court of special judicial magistrateJ S Dhanjal in 2001 in Ambala that no such offence was made against Rathore.

The medals are taken back of those officer who are ” Liable to be forfeited when the holder is guilty of dislayalty, cowardice in action or such conduct as the opinion of president brings the force into disrepute.

Even Ruchikas school is found guilty because they restigated her only for the non-payment of fees on the time. Now the School will also have to answer that waht was the real reason behind the scene.

More suspense is yet to be revealed.Daily new things are coming in front of people in Ruchika’s case.Court gave the punishment of six months imprisonment and penalty of only 1000/- rs. After an hour back Rathore took bail and came laughing out of the court.It was the most shameful moment where a culprit proved himself to be free no matter what the victims family suffered in these 19 years.

Is this our judicial system?

This is the way to treat with a victim family?

It took 19 years to get justice but is this a justice?

Just getting imprisonment of six months and penalty of 1000/-rs is this right?

What is your opinion?

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