Safety Tips To Housewifes For Kids:-

We use many products used in a home on a daily basis that are not dangerous or hazardous. However, children do not always use the things as they are meant to be used and this can make an item or a product dangerous. Children are adventurous by nature and love to explore. Parents can ensure that they are safe by doing simple things to eliminate the dangers around the home.

 Household Items That Can Become Dangerous:-
  •  Electric irons, kettles and other small kitchen appliances,
  •  Hair dryers,
  •  Electric shavers,
  •  Knives,
  • Cords on window blinds and curtains.
  • Everyday Products That Can Prove Hazardous

    • Washing up liquids,
    • Insect or other sprays,
    • Soaps, shampoos and other toiletry products, and Medicines.
    Children love to experiment. A bottle of washing up liquid with a nice colour and enticing smell – apple, strawberry or lemon – can tempt a child into tasting it. If insect or even other sprays, such as air-fresheners, deodorants or hair sprays, get sprayed on to a child’s face and the spray gets into the child’s eyes it could have disastrous consequences. Medicines, even non-prescriptive medicines such as common painkillers are dangerous in the hands of a child. 

    Ingestion of medications, cleaning products, alcohol, cosmetics and other toxic products, can be life threatening for children. In the bathroom and in the kitchen children and toddlers should never be left unattended. Regulation of hot water temperature, precautions when cooking, avoiding drinking hot beverages or soup with a child sitting on your lap, are measures against child scalding.
    Changing tables, cribs, beds, windows, stairs, balconies and other areas, can be involved in children’s falls. Don’t leave a child under 4 years to play without supervision with a dog or a cat. Educate your children about the animals and teach them not to pull the tail or ear of the pet. They shouldn’t bother them when they eat or sleep. They shouldn’t play with animals they don’t know. If you want to have a dog or other animal at home, choose one that is calm and more friendly to children.

    Be careful using electrical appliances when kids are around you!  

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