Sara- Ashmit -Veena…. Who’s Behind Whom?

In Bigg Boss-4 as the celebrities entered the home Sara Khan and Ashmit Patel were seen spending their time together. They both seem to be friend and more than that within few days. The speculations are on and the debate rife on whether this love story is a hoaxed one or genuine. Yesterday Ashmit and Veena were seen getting cosy together.

Sara gave Ashmit some salsa lessons as both showed their grooves on the dance floor. Both were spotted cuddling up near the swimming pool.

Bigg Boss gave Ashmit and Veena a task to welcome Diwali, the festival of lights, by making sure some diyas kept burning throughout the night besides the House pool, Sara probably sensed danger and wasn’t willing to leave Ashmit alone with Veena. But House captain Manoj Tiwari along with Hrishant Goswami intervened and sent the bubbly girl to bed, little knowing that some hidden flames were waiting to flare.

Night cameras caught Veena cuddling the Patel boy like a baby while fondling him with love, as they lied covered on a bean bag.

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