Sara’s Boyfriend Ali In Bigg Boss House

Ali Merchant steps into the house tonight. As Ali prepares to spend a week to sort out his love life considering Sara’s affections towards Ashmit Patel.

Sara and Ashmit’s chemistry has been blooming on the Big Boss screen. From few days it is seen that Ashmit and Veena are spending their time together and she has some feelings more than a friend.

Ali who has been facing everything on the screen… be it tearing the pictures or the goodnight kiss; will now see the situation face-to-face. Ali who has always expressed his utmost trust and unconditional love for Sara will now face the harsh reality.

Sakshi Pradhan, while leaving the sets had mentioned that Sara khan’s true colors will be out. She can’t fall in love with Ashmit Patel in just 10 days (of course she forgot to tell us how much time Sarah will take to fall in love with Ashmit).

Is veena flirting with Ashmit?

Or its just to gain the TRPs?

Will the relation between Sara and Ali take a drastic turn?


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