Shah Faisal AYouth Icon For India

Shah Faisal a Kashmiri Doctor hits headlines for creating history by becoming first Kashmiri to top the Indian Administrative Services(IAS). Shah Faisal has faced a lot in past before he reached this stage. Shah Faisal lost his father nine years ago where an unidentified gunman shot him down in the district of Kupwara. His father was a school teacher. Faisal’s mother Mebeena Begum took her three children’s and moved towards Srinagar for their future.

Faisal, who has seen several hardships in life, always achieved the best. He topped even his Class 10 to take up MBBS from the Srinagar medical college.
What is more striking about Faisal and his current achievement that he was a socially active youngster. He has been an active member of the RTI movement in Jammu Kashmir.

Shah Faisal’s success story reminds the country yet again that adversities in life fail to destroy the determination of the strong.
Faisal sure can serve as a role model for other people and other families who are tied down by their mental setbacks. He is a role model for all those who get victimized and later become terrorists themselves after being brainwashed and taught that common innocent people are responsible for his misery.

“It is not only my own success. I feel I have broken the jinx that Kashmiri students cannot reach the top. I am the first from J&K to top this examination and I am sure my story will become a model for our students who fear to dream big.”said Shah Faisal.

Shah Faisal an Idol for Indians.
He gave Terrorism  a strong answer by proving himself in every eye that passes from terror.

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