Smoking As Fashion For Indian Working Womens!

May 31st means today is celebrated as ‘World no Tobacco day’ but how many people will leave eating or inhaling tobacco as smoke? Smoking or Drinking alcohol is like fashion for youths even it has become trend for women’s who are working in BPO’s, News or Media. Smoking can cause infertility, miscarriages and still births. It is worrying that women don’t know about this.”

 The women smokers working in BPO’s and media take to smoking mostly due to peer pressure or under stress. They start by becoming passive smokers as they share the same group which has smokers and eventually themselves become smokers. 

Use of tobacco kills more than 1.5 million women in world every year, and the number could rise to 2.5 million in the next two decades. India seems to have come a long way from the time when the only women who were seen smoking openly were vamps in movies. About 1.5 per cent of Indian women are smokers.
Dr Gauravi Mishra from Tata Memorial Hospital said “Many women considered it a sign of liberation, an affirmation of their identity as a free person and an equal”.
The worse part is that a majority of the women surveyed were not aware that apart from cancer and heart disease, smoking could lead to reproductive health problems.

It is very sad that not only men but also women are going on wrong way!

Is our health nothing in front of luxury or fashion?

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