Stress in life

As many as 20 million Indians are believed to be suffering from mental illnesses, but there are only 3,500 psychiatrists and 1,500 psychiatric nurses to treat them, say experts. Not only does India lag far behind western countries when it comes to mental health manpower but it also falls short of some Asian countries, they say. Today we have lots of stress in our day to day life. We have stress of work, kid’s education, health, marriage and much more. We get depressed very fast and sometimes we suffer huge depression that we don’t like anything. We all go through ups and downs in our mood. Sadness is a normal reaction to life’s struggles, setbacks, and disappointments. Many people use the word “depression” to explain these kinds of feelings, but clinical depression is much more than just sadness.

Some people describe depression as “living in a black hole” or having a feeling of impending doom. However, some depressed people don’t feel sad at all — instead, they feel lifeless, empty, and apathetic.
Whatever the symptoms, depression is different from normal sadness in that it engulfs your day-to-day life, interfering with your ability to work, study, eat, sleep, and have fun. The feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and worthlessness are intense and unrelenting, with little, if any, relief. Depression varies from person to person. There can be many different reasons for single person facing depression. When someone faces depression he/she feels lonely, empty, hopeless, helplessness. Depression can affect anyone, irrespective of age, gender or race. It has been found to affect women twice as much as it affects men.

Depression can have serious physiological as well as psychological consequences.There are some factors that can develop depression are: genetics, stress, poor health, hormonal imbalance, alcohol or abuse, early childhood trauma, unemployment or underemployment, relationship problems, loneliness, lack of support. There are different causes and each person is treated differently from other. Person suffering depression should be taken care that he/she is not left alone, given a lot of attention, they should be given love and should understand their feelings and situation. Depression varies in each teen like some have depression of study, or may have stress of parents love it may happen that they commit suicide. Adults have stress due to loss of independence or health problems.

  • Do not stress yourself too much with everyday tasks. Do not take more than you can handle.
  • Do not blame yourself for failures or have negative thoughts about life. Remember such thoughts arise because of the depressed state of your mind.
  • Develop new areas of interest or a new hobby. Explore areas that can keep your mind occupied and interested.
  • Do not take major decisions in your current condition. Leave that to close family members or trustworthy people.
  • Alcohol or other kinds of intoxicants worsens depression and will delay your recovery. Avoid them.
  • Exercise regularly. Even moderate exercises have a positive impact on overall health and can cheer you up.
  • Follow you doctor’s advice and do not miss out on appointments or any of the treatment plans.
  • Have medications on time, drink plenty of water and eat a balanced nutritious diet and get enough sleep.
  • It will take a few months for you to recover. Do not lose heart. Remember that depression is treatable and curable. There are so many people out there just like you who have maintained a positive outlook and defeated depression—so will you.

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