Sugar Sweet or sour

The sugar consumption of India—the world’s largest consumer. Sugar taste has become sour now because of rising price of sugar. This is shocking for each common citizen in India. What do middle-class consumers do when daily necessities such as rice, pulses and sugar become too expensive to afford? The prices of sugar has raised to its highest level in India

“If the states cooperate then I am sure sugar prices can be tamed. I am not an astrologer who can predict when things will fall in place,” Pawar said.
To understand India’s sugar problems, industry officials say it is important to consider what happened in 2006 when the government banned exports to bring down prices. Those efforts were almost too successful. Within a few months prices began falling as it became clear that farmers had planted too much cane. Farmers said conditions were so bad in 2007 and 2008 that sugar mills, which usually arrange to have cane harvested, did not even bother to send out crews.
“This is shocking. We should have started importing sugar by January-February last year. As worrisome to the ruling party are the political gains on sugarcane.
Firstly prices increased on Milk, then on Vegetables and pulses now on Sugar. 
 “The real losers are the farmers and we consumers,”
Why we common people are suffering govt’s lacking? 
How much extra we will pay from our pocket? 
When Gov’t will take step to control inflation? 

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