Summer More Hotter By Electricity Bills In Delhi – NCR

Firstly prices raised of Rice, Vegetables, Pulses, Sugar, Milk, Gas have crossed the limits, How much a common man will suffer? When a government will take some step to control rising prices? How much a common people will suffer to fulfill his basic needs? Now prices of Electricity may also rise in Delhi and NCR.

Delhi and NCR regions are suffering and it seems that their problems are going to increase today. Prices of Petrol, Diesel, CNG Gas, and on LPG Gas are increased as we thought before announcement of Sheila Dixit. Income is not increasing but prices of everything is rising. Money goes from pocket as if water is flowing. Prices are not controlled by government but day-by-day prices are rising. It is becoming harder to live luxurious life in fact people are struggling to fulfill their basic needs.

Yesterday Sheila Dixit informed that prices of Electricity may rise, as Delhi-NCR people have more money prices does not matters. She also included that how much you want electricity you will have to pay for that, as income is increased people will have to spend.
Does Our Government think about poor one’s?

How can Government forget Common man?

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