Terrible Shock After Air India Crash

One of the country’s worst aviation disaster, 158 people were killed and eight others miraculously survived after the plane overshot the runway by 2,000 feet, going off the edge of Mangalore’s table-top airport on Saturday.All passengers were Indians, many returning home from Dubai where they worked. Among the 158 dead were 19 children and four infants. There 22 bodies which are still unidentified because they are totally burnt and can only be identified by the DNA test.

This disaster will be remembered for long time in future for all over the world. Kasargod a small village near Mangalore 41 people lost their lives. Karunakaran has been going from house to house in his constituency Kasargod in Kerala, consoling the grief stricken relatives of the victims of Saturday’s Mangalore air crash.
The bodies of H.S. Ahluwalia, co-pilot of the Air India flight which crashed in Mangalore, and crew member Tejal Anil Kamulkar were flown in here on Sunday. Tejal’s body was taken to her house at Dombivili in Thane.
Naveen Fernandes (36) worked for Spinneys supermarket, while his wife Saritha D’Souza (24) was employed at Dubai Mall in Dubai. They lived together with Naveen’s brother, sister and brother-in-law. Naveen’s previous work permit did not allow him to take his baby as he was in the low income category. He had found a better paying job with a tea company and the next thing the couple did was to fly to India to take their daughter back with them. The little one who was separated from her parents, is now orphaned for ever.

Thirty year-old Sujata Survase, a Mumbai-based airhostess was dead on Saturday. Survase’s parents were looking at marriage proposals for their only daughter. The airhostess is survived by three brothers: two elder and one younger.
17 year-old Dubai student Harshini Poonja read. The teenager and her parents were on their way to Mangalore for a family wedding. Her mother Manirekha was an employee with the financial department of a Dubai-based firm. Her father Shashikant also died in the crash.
Mahesh Shetty was about to begin a whole new chapter in his life when fate intervened. The young sales executive who’d been working in Dubai for only a short time, was to meet a girl – one his parents had chosen to marry him to.
Nancy Barreto (45) was to visit her ailing husband Anthony, admitted in the ICU of Manipal Hospital but succumbed to severe burn injuries in the crash. Nancy was supporting her husband financially, since he lost his job a couple of years ago.
The Lobos had cut their Dubai holiday short, not knowing this would be the last time they spent together.
Vasant G Shetty will never know a stroke of luck or divine intervention, . However Shetty couldn’t help thanking his lucky stars on Saturday morning when he was rudely awakened by his ringing cellphone and switched on the television to watch the horror of IX-812.
Abdullah Puttur Ismail (37) uttered 33 times after he found realised that he had survived a tragedy that will never be forgotten in India’s aviation history. His survivor’s tale, however, got over 100 people from his hometown to visit him at the KR Hegde Hospital, where he will remain under observation till Monday.
One boy is mourning the death of his entire family. Air India flight IX 812 was carrying Rauhan’s father, mother, younger sister, and little brother. But what is making it much worse is that he is unable to even trace the bodies of his two younger siblings. He’s only 13 but Rauhan is doing a terribly agonising task. After news broke that the plane carrying his entire family crashed, Rauhan and his uncle rushed from Dubai to Mangalore only to know that all four had died. While his mother’s body has been identified, his father’s remains to be identified. But the bodies of his siblings, 4-year-old Zubair and 5-year-old Zainab’s are not even traceable.
13-year-old Rauhan, who perhaps may not even get ashes of his little sister, he will have to live in the memory of her smile when she waved ‘tata’ to him at the Dubai airport before taking off.

Theresiamma Philip missed her flight as she got the timing of the flight wrong.

Many families will conduct the funeral, with the spirit that even if there might have been a mistake in identifying their relative, they will still be performing the last rites of a person on board the same flight.
This tragedy will never be forgotten by the people who have lost their near and dear one’s. The Morning brings hope to live life with joy but this morning would only bring sorrow and miseries.
God bless peace to the soul’s.

At the end it is believed that “Now it doesn’t matters who’s made fault but the price is paid by innocent people giving their lives”.

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