Traffic Rules – Do We Follow Them?

In Morning we all are in hurry to go to school, for office. The present transport system has minimized the distances but it has on the other hand increased the life risk. Every year road crashes result in loss of lakhs of lives and serious injuries to crores of people. We all want to be in time and want to be punctual for not getting punishment at school, or scolded by Boss! So to reach in time we break traffic rules and sometimes this causes an accident and we may have to pay our lives on behalf of it. Delhi Traffic police runs their website to help youngsters, elders, and in people in emergency.

In India itself about eighty thousand people are killed in road crashes every year which is thirteen percent of the total fatality all over the world. Man behind the wheel plays an important role in most of the crashes. In most of the cases crashes occurs either due to carelessness or due to lack of road safety awareness of the road user.
Traffic Police can be called for Complaint against TSR the number is 56767.
Traffic Information number is 9811452220.
Some Slogans by Delhi Traffic Police:-
Don’t be a hell mate, Wear a helmet.

Speed Thrills, but Kills.

Caution and Care makes Crashes rare.

Day or night Obey Traffic Light.

Two Wheelers for two only.

Accident brings tears, safety brings cheers.

Drive to care not to dare.
Don’t be rash, let’s you crash.

Don’t mix drinking and driving.

Some Rules to be remembered:-
Hand Signals are necessary at certain times. 

Use directions indicators in emergency or otherwise.

Wear Helmet For both Two wheeler is compulsory.

Do not park Car or vehicle at or near a road crossing, or in No Parking Zone.

Use the Horn only when essential and do not use it in a silence zone. 

Maintain adequate distance from other Vehicles. 

Motor vehicles should have a visibility of at least 70% and that of side windows a minimum visibility of 50%.

All those driving motor vehicles with registration number plates not conforming to the specifications, will be penalised. 

Do you Follow Traffic Rules or you are always in Hurry?

What are your thoughts? 

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