Valentine Day …………Let’s See Love This Year

As we all know that Valentine Day is going to come next week. It is a day when everyone expresses their love by gifting each other with flowers, cards, chocolates etc. Yes it celebrated in western countries but now from many years we the Indians also celebrate this day for expressing our feelings. It is a day of love and bonding. India being a country of different religions and castes, has also accepted this day as one of its own. A country that celebrates almost all the festivals of the world. It is a day for love, romance for youth to oldies

Young couples share their feelings by sharing gifts and spending full day together. On February 14, Valentine’s Day restaurants, discos, Cineplex, pubs and pizza parlors see a particularly busy time as couples celebrate the day in togetherness. Many love birds even propose on this romantic day. People also express love to their friends, teachers, siblings and parents.
As India is a country where different religions are followed some people and political parties find this day as  should not be celebrated in India as this day comes from western countries it should not be welcomed in our country and culture. Some Hindu and Muslim religious groups openly oppose the valentine day saying that this not the culture of the country. They protest and beat youths and couples seen together on this day. they destroy and ruin shops, galleries and places where these days celebrations happen.
Everyone has the right for privacy. No one has right to interfere in anyone’s life. Shiv Sena every years protest this day by threatening people and beating couples any where together. In Mumbai couples spend more time together at bandstand by hiding themselves behind rocks enjoying private moments are ruined and are beaten by Shiv Sena. In all over India Shiv Sena people protest and make hell the whole day for couples and love birds.
Why it is wrong to celebrate Valentine Day?
Why Shiv Sena interferes in every single case?
How many of you think celebrating Love is not Indian culture?

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