Veena Malik What An Actress!

Veena Malik is now seen in Bigg Boss house. “Veena is just a drama queen. She talks about tehzeeb and integrity, but seems to do everything for effect.

Ashmit moved on from Sara Khan to Veena Malik and now Veena Malik says that she likes Hrishant Goswami. Veena first woos Ahmit and then tells him to go and tell Hrishant that she loves him. Hrishant Goswami does not want to be in cross border love affair.
Veena Malik, Pakistani actress and ex – girlfriend of Pakistani cricketer claims that she has evidence to prove that the cricketer has been in touch with bookies in the recent past and that he is involved in the recent spot-fixing. She came into highlights and became the hot topic.

Dheeraj Dikshit, who had been accused of being involved in spot-fixing by Malik, has claimed that the reality TV contestant is a bookmaker. Dikshit also claims that Veena has high level contacts. He allegedly received threat calls from an unknown number while he was in London because of which he had to hire private security guards. Even in India, he claims, his family had been receiving calls from Pakistan and Kashmir, threatening to kill him.

Is Veena Malik a big puzzle for all?

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