West Bengal Train Accident

Uttarbanga Express rammed into stationary Vananchal Express at Sainthia station near Bolpur, Santiniketan. 50 bodies were recovered and almost an equal number are feared dead as a passenger train rammed into another at Saithia, about 210 km to the north of Kolkata at 2:05 am Monday morning.

The impact of the crash sent a coach flying on to a 25-feet high road overbridge and left two other compartments badly mangled. The Bhagalpur-Ranchi Vananchal Express bound for Ranchi was standing at platform number 4 when it was hit from behind by a speeding train, Uttarbanga Express.
Engine driver M C Dey and assistant driver N K Mandal of the Uttarbanga Express besides the guard of the Vananchal Express A Mukherjee were killed, the sources said. Dey was found dead in his seat. The engine was switched off after an hour by railwaymen.

Injured passengers were being taken to hospitals in Sainthia, and Suri, the district headquarter town. The injured are being rushed to Bolpur Sadar hospital.

There is no improvement in passenger services or any thought given to passenger safety. We have the anti collision devices for trains invented in India, why are they still not installed on all trains. After all the deaths of few hundred passengers does not effect the political party vote banks.
How many people lost their dear one and near ones which will put them in deep sadness for long. But what about our biased, corrupted and partial politics and bureaucracy and political system which lacks competitive and well planned leaders at large in their line. Never unless and untill we change our political attitudes or stand away from choosing such irresponsible people to lead our country and its system, growth of our country will be hampered and in question.
As Sharad Pawar as Mamta Benerjee. Sharad Pawar being unfazed to the problem of his ministry, agriculture, he is busy with cricket. Likewise, showing back to Railway, Mamta is busy for next Bengal Election. They are not working for public well being. They are working to fulfill their personal ego and selfish.
Should Mamta Banerjee resign?

What our Government is doing?

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  1. No,Mamta Banerjee should not resign, because she had not gone their to perform this accident.
    At the end of the day, it is an accident and it has happened in it's own time.She is giving her level best.

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