What To Take & Not At – CWG

Common Wealth Games security is going to be very strict. Mini Remotely Operated Vehicle of Rs 1 crore will be deployed for the opening ceremony at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. There are various things which are not allowed in the CWG. Sweating after four hours of practice under the sun, several outspread hands reach out to grab mineral water bottles being thrown carelessly at them.

Items allowed inside the venues are:-

Cellphones, Keys, Small Wallets, Palm-sized Purses, Baby Food, Medicines with Prescription, Flags without Poles, Vuvuzelas.

Not allowed items in the venues are:-

Coins, Bottles, Handbags, Torn Papers, Tobacco, Firearms, Alcohol, Toy guns, Laser Lights, Skateboards, Sporting Balls.

The lack of a proper distribution system was so pronounced that on Tuesday, nearly 3,000 of the performers left the Nehru Stadium without rehearsing as they were not given food till 5 pm.

Breakfast was not ready by the time the participants left early in the morning from the ground. When they reached the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, no arrangements had been made for breakfast there either.

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