What’s The Future Of Haryana Couple?

In Haryana a couple is forced to live as siblings for the future. A village Panchayat took decision for a couple to live separately as they are from same “Gotra”.In Hindu Vedas it is written that “Gotra ” should be different of couple and if they share same they are counted as siblings. But is it right that a couple is separated from a relationship to siblings?
Is this the right decision?

Satish Berwal of Kheri village in this district was married to Kavita, a resident of Bhagi village in Jhajjar district, three years ago. The couple also has a 10-month-old boy .In our country, people from any  same gotras cannot marry each other as they are considered brother and sister.

Kavita is free to return to her parents’ house along with her son. They have given them an ultimatum of 28 days to follow this order and if they fail to follow the deadline then strict action will be taken against them.The panchayat has also directed Satish’s father Azad Singh to disown his son from all the property and belongings and to deposit Rs 300,000 in the name of his grandson in a bank.

Is this the future that you also think is right for them?

Living in 21st century we are now also following ancient principles is right but in some cases decision should be taken for the good future. what ever has happened is happened but now the decision should be taken by remembering for the future of the child.

Government should interfere in these cases and solve the problem. Supreme court  has passed an order in favour of couple. They are given permission to live together as husband and wife.

Is this future of India?

What step should be taken by according to you?

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