Why helping hands rise against us sometime?

At a number of places, the security forces have been found guilty of using excessive force while facing angry crowds, resulting in the loss of human lives. There are, of course, demonstrations against killings in police firing, custodial deaths, torture and disappearances. Few months back a fake police encounter took place in Dehradun. A young guy lost his life in a fake encounter. Guy went two days before to join his job, but police killed the innocent guy. How many people will lose their lives by policemen’s? Police force are appointed for peoples safety, and security but working people afraid from them. Nobody wants to face mess in their lives. Everyone wants to stay away from problems in their life. Police in case of helping people harasses them. If someone sees something happening wrong then they won’t protest or say because they know very well helping someone may put their life into trouble.   

Poor women lost her innocent husband:-   

A young woman comes forward carrying a child with one hand and a wedding photo in another. Tears flow down Janaki’s cheeks as she remembers the events of two years ago.
“He was a gentle man, a good man,” Janaki says. “He was not a criminal like the police say. Now he is gone, I have nothing. I want to kill myself, but I can’t because otherwise who will care for my child?”   

“We should be allowed to kill the police the way they killed our boys, or at least the government should punish them to make an example of them so nobody ever does the same again.”
Ram Darashi and Jitender died in the town of Dehradun, while their two friends were killed about 45km (28 miles) miles away in Rishikesh. Police in Dehradun say Ram Darashi and Jitender were  criminals who mugged a woman and stole some jewellery in August 2006.They say that when officers tried to stop the two men – because they matched the description of the attackers – they opened fire. The police shot back and the two died. 

Fake encounter case:-
A case of murder was registered against police officials involved in the killing of MBA graduate Ranbir Singh in an alleged fake encounter as pressure mounted on the BJP government in Uttarkhand today to order a CBI probe.The FIRs under section 302 (murder) IPC was lodged following a murder case against 14 police personnel registered by Ranbir’s father Ravindra Pal Singh.   
Rape cases
This is not the first time when we get to hear of a policeman raping a girl, but one needs to stand up against it as one of the victim, a 22-year-old girl, did. She was allegedly raped twice by a policeman in Gurgaon. 
Policemen’s make a fake case against the working, poor people and earn money from them. Police men’s sometimes help the criminals to full their pockets. There are many cases where police officer’s are found guilty. From top to bottom level some officer’s are totally corrupted.
Why Police officers don’t file case easily? 
Government appoints police officers for benefit of people, for their safety, for their security. We have seen many times that police officers don’t file case easily, they harass common people. Police is appointed for the common people. Common people pay their income to the government officers for their safety and other services. Then why do common people suffer humiliation from police officers? 

Are all police men one and same?
Do police have the rights?
If we see some crime happening why don’t we protest against it?
Is there no way to stop police injustice?

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