Will It Be Good Monsoon This Year?

Monsoon in India are uncertain but as we all know that if this year it does not rains than prices of eatables will rise too much, people who are poor would die without food, and there would be shortage of water all over the country. Monsoon forecasts for India are keenly watched by traders and analysts as the south Asian nation, one of the world’s top producers and consumers of sugar, wheat, rice and edible oils, depends on rains to irrigate 60 percent of its farms. Good rainfall will ease pressure on the government, which has seen widespread protests over rising prices, and faces a stormy parliament session from Thursday as rival parties have teamed up to oppose ballooning prices.

India’s weather office is likely to issue its formal weather forecast next week and update the prediction in June after including latest weather data in its model. India’s weather officials say the monsoon remains a “mystery phenomenon” and no forecaster could have predicted last year’s devastating drought.
This year we started feeling hot and sticky in month of March but summer season always start from April. If it rains proper all over India than many problem of our country will be sort out.
In some areas every year it rains a little and in some places are flooded. Let’s hope this year every place in India receives a good amount of rain and country becomes green and fertile.  

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