Will Kasab Be Punished Ever?

People who lost their loved ones are never going to forget that black day of their life. We the other people would forget this incident after some years. Is it fine that some attackers from neighbor countries come to our country and take lives of many innocent people? How long will be the procedure of court will take place to prove Ajmal Kasab as terrorist and accused?

As he has admitted his crime then why he is not given punishment that all the terrorist see and will think again before doing any crime.The Bombay High Court has ruled that any meetings between terrorist Ajmal Kasab and his lawyers will have to be conducted with jail officials close by.
Amin Solkar, who represents him, had said he was uncomfortable answering questions in the presence of jail staff or police officers.

Kasab attacked a jail official on September 1 was submitted to the court for review. “Kasab is a trained commando and with swift movements and he can pose a great danger to his own life as well as to the guards,” special prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam told the court.

Kasab has challenged the death penalty given to him in May. His appeal will be heard by the Bombay High Court starting October 18. Hearings will be held everyday, but Kasab will not be brought to court for security reasons. He will participate through video conferencing.

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