Winter For Poors

Winter Season seems to be a trouble for poor and below poverty line people. Over 110 people died in Uttar Pradesh due to cold wave as foggy conditions prevailed for the second successive day on Sunday in many parts of the northern region with some states also experiencing light showers. New Delhi experienced drizzle in the morning but recorded a low of 9.5 degrees Celsius against yesterday’s minimum of 8.4 degrees. Foggy conditions are likely to continue. Rail route as well as flights are being affected by fog.
People who are below poverty line are suffering from cold waves. And some have lost their life due to cold. Poor people who cannot afford food for one time are having burden of buying a blanket and due to this they are loosing their life. Government should take steps for saving life’s of poor one’s by providing them proper shelter. Even accidents are happening due to poor visibility. The victims were mostly poor people who were sleeping on the streets or out in the open. There are few homeless shelters in Indian cities and towns and although the authorities have distributed blankets and firewood, their efforts have been inadequate in the face of the extreme cold.
Is Our Government waking or sleeping?

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