Womens Becareful In Call Centre – Toilets

On Wednesday a spy-camera was obtained from women’s toilet in Delhi’s Call Center company named HSS in Pitampura. The complaint was filed by women’s working in organisation and a case is filed by police and two persons are arrested and inquiry is going on. Case is filed against Sanjay Kumar. According to a police officer, Kumar, in his twenties, allegedly put a ‘camera pen’ in a packet of air-freshener kept inside the women’s ‘Toilets’ in the call centre. “When one of the women employees entered the ‘Toilets’, she saw something blinking in the packet of air-freshener,” a police official said. “On closer scrutiny, she found out that it was a camera and informed the company management”.

The police have taken the pen drive containing the footage and sent it for examination. According to the officer, Kumar would be interrogated to investigate whether he put the camera in the ‘Toilets’ and the motive behind it. A case under Section 509 (for using word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of woman) of IPC has been registered against Sanjay. The role of others in the call centre is also being investigated.
The company assured it will look into the matter, he claimed, adding, they told the employees that a helper in the organisation was responsible for the installation of camera.
“It is very shocking and we don’t know for how long this has been going on. Some people have seen the footage, which has blurred images of women,” an employee said.
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