রাজলক্ষ্মী ও শ্রীকান্ত | Official Trailer | Rajlokhi O Srikanto | Ritwick,Jyotika-Bengali Film 2019

The story and screenplay of this movie has been impressed by the primary quantity of famend Bengali litterateur Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novel Srikanta. The Srikanta of the eponymous novel was a quite unusual creature, unable to stay nonetheless someplace for too lengthy a time, travelling from one place to a different like a nomad, seeking life. And due to his travels he got here throughout quite a few women and men and the various unusual incidents of those strangers’ lives got here to get entangled together with his.
In our movie Srikanta is an single man in his mid-thirties, who in the course of time had come to Kolkata from his village Nishindipur, and who at current works in a non-public nursing dwelling within the metropolis. He doesn’t like what he does for a dwelling, he needs to give up. He has a historical past of quitting jobs; he claims to haven’t appreciated doing any of them. What he needs is to have the ability to reside independently, to have the ability to discard the trite and mediocre guidelines that dictate abnormal life.
At such a juncture, an previous school good friend of his named Hukumchand, an influential enterprise tycoon, invitations him on a picnic to a hilly province fairly removed from Calcutta, with a plan for them to have some enjoyable and revelry there over a few days. Srikanta, having gone on such journeys with Hukum beforehand, eagerly accepts the supply this time as nicely.
Concurrently, by Srikanta’s recollections of the previous numerous thrilling incidents from his childhood and adolescence,again within the village twenty years in the past,are seen. This consists of Indranath who was like Srikanta’s brother and who taught him beneficial classes about life. It was from Indranath that Srikanta learnt the ropes of a daring, fearless and nomadic life-style. The opposite story right here is that of a married lady named Annada who Indranath falls in love with. They’re compelled to go away the village after a horrible accident and it’s not till a lot later within the movie that we discover out the place Indranath and Annada disappear to.
This accident that he witnesses at such a younger age has aimmense adversarial affect on Srikanta’spsyche. It causes him to endure from complicated psychological points, manifesting in a cut up persona – one persona courageous and fearless likeIndranath and the opposite a meek and terrified man. This psychological duel is what goads him on all through the movie.
After this Srikanta meets and later falls in love with a younger lady named Rajlakshmi, a destitute refugee from Bangladesh. Nonetheless the connection falls aside due to Srikanta’s personal errors. Afraid and nervous he turns his again on Rajlakshmi. Her father seizes the chance and sells her off to a pimp, who in flip brings her to town and sells her once more to a brothel.
Within the current timeline, as Srikanta is getting ready to give up his job to hitch Hukum on their deliberate bender, a workplace colleague of his warns him that his drifter life-style goes to guide him to hassle. Paying no consideration to any warnings Srikanta joins Hukum on the journey to the hill station the place he comes nose to nose with a nautch lady named Piyaribai, Hukum’s mistress, and recognises her as Rajlakshmi. He additionally learns that she continues to be in love with him. Srikanta all of the sudden finds himself confronted with an opportunity to rectify his previous errors. However there are quite a few obstacles to be confronted on the way in which as nicely. What is going to Srikanta do subsequent? Which of his personalities will take over? And by which route will his life inevitably lead him?

Main Solid and Crew Listing

Pradipta Bhattacharyya – Director
RitwickChakraborty – Lead Actor
JyotikaJyoti (Bangladesh) – Lead Actress
Arunodoy Banerjee – Supporting Actor
Sayan Ghosh – Supporting Actor
SohamMoitra – Supporting Actor
Aparajita Ghosh -Supporting Actress
SubhadeepDey -DOP
ParthaPratimBurman -Sound Designer
JaytuMondal Manufacturing – Designer
Sulogna Chowdhury – Costume Designer
MD. Ali – Make-up
Anirban Das – Lyricist
Tanmoy Sarkar – Lyricist
Timir Biswas -Play Again Singer (Male)
Bablu Das -Play Again Singer (Male)
SohiniChakraborty -Play Again Singer (Feminine)
Kanai Das Baul – Play Again Singer (Male)
Satyaki Banerjee – Background Rating

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