How safe are Indian roads for us

India has a large road network of over 3.314 million kilometers of roadways (2.1 million miles), making it the second largest road network in the world. Road infrastructure is the main catalyst for the development of important key sectors of economy like Agriculture, Industry, Mining, Energy, Forestry and Dairy Development. These sectors depend heavily on the development and maintenance of the road network and efficient transportation system.

The main roads in India are under huge pressure and in great need of modernization in order to handle the increased requirements of the Indian economy. Besides just fixing and paving the roads, widening & straightening of roads and expanding the network is becoming increasingly necessary. This is because the roads can then handle increased traffic, both in terms of goods and public movement together with an increase in the speed of movement.

In general, due to decades of bureaucratic procedural difficulties, the road network has suffered long delays. The political leaders in India have now started examining the situation and taking action. However, there are still other environmental, logistical, and local issues contributing to delay in development of the road infrastructure. For instance, although the government itself owns a wide corridor around the center of roads called the Right of Way (ROW), over many years, poor and landless people have built houses and other property along the roadside. Farmers whose fields adjoined the road had their crops encroach up to the side of the road. Further, other resources are located along roadsides, whether they be trees, pathways to water resources, streams that were used for their water, etc.

These squatters whose property lies within the ROW would not only be greatly affected by road widening, but also those who use the resources next to the road might be adversely affected. It is also difficult to remove these encroachers and further, removal of trees is increasingly becoming a sensitive issue.

Roads without dividers:-

Roads without dividers are the main reason for head-on collision in India. A head-on collision is one where the front ends of two vehicles hit each other, as opposed to a side-collision or rear-end collision. Head-on collisions are an often fatal type of road traffic accident. 

Pathetic Condition of roads:

Poor infrastructure has lead to poor road designs. Roads are built without keeping their functionality in mind. The areas adjoining the new roads are made vacant to built broad roads, only to find that they get swarmed with traffic rush in no time. Roads should be made with proper planning keeping in mind their future utility, as vehicle population also grows with time.

Under implementation of Road Safety Standards: 
Road are not well informed with the markings and signals. Line markings are not printed on all roads. Traffic signals are used for spiting and littering. Road barriers and other equipments are seen dwindling here and there on the roads. 


About one lakh Indians are killed in road accidents:- 


Nearly One lakh people are killed in road accidents in the country in one year and millions of people are getting injured every year. According the statistics of National Crime Record Bureau of Ministry of Home, Government of India, 105725 people were killed in road accidents in India, during 2006. Andhra Pradesh accounted for maximum deaths.

With 130,000 deaths last year, India tops in the number of people killed in road accidents, surpassing China’s 90,000. And, most of these deaths occurred due to bad road designs and lack of proper traffic management systems to separate different streams of traffic.

Indian roads are the deadliest roads in the world. People break rules and have no fear. If caught also then will be released by giving money to traffic police. Pedestrians cross roads whether there are zebra crossings or not. People’s lives are so cheaper that no one helps a wounded in accident, and loses his/her life.  No one wants to be in trouble and that’s the reason people don’t help wounded. When we will understand that each person’s life is very important and if we save anyone we should be proud on ourselves. 

Accident injures 45 in Orissa:- 

At least 45 persons were injured when the bus in which they were travelling skidded off the road near Maneswar, about 10 km from here today, police said. After the mishap, fear-stricken passengers managed to alight from the Rourkela-bound private bus which had tilted dangerously by the side of the road, the police said. Most of the occupants received minor injuries under the impact of the accident which occurred in the small hours.

The injured were given first aid and none was hospitalized. 
Road rage accused arrested:- 


A 22-year-old man was arrested in the city for allegedly slapping an elderly woman and dragging her after she advised him to drive cautiously, police said today. The arrested youth has been identified as Ashu, who works in a security company in Gurgaon and resides in Peeragarhi, a senior police official said. He was caught from his residence. Ashu allegedly slapped and dragged 57-year-old Kiran Anand, who is reportedly suffering from cancer, on Saturday evening in Paschim Vihar. She was riding pillion with daughter Anisha on a two-wheeler when Ashu”s speeding car suddenly stopped near them at a traffic signal in Paschim Vihar. Kiran advised the youth not to drive rashly and that such an act would land him in trouble as well endanger lives of others. Ashu got out of his car and allegedly slapped Kiran before dragging her for some distance. “Ashu held her by neck and dragged her for about 20 metres. She has suffered head and elbow injuries,” the official said.

She was discharged from hospital yesterday. The arrest came after police tracked down Ashu whose car number was noted by Anisha. Ashu s car has also been impounded. 

Two killed, five vehicles gutted in road inferno:-

Two persons were killed and five vehicles gutted in an inferno that flared after a gas tanker flamed a stationary truck near here, police said today. The mishap occurred last night on Talegaon-Chakan Road, about 40 km from Pune, in front of a dhaba (road side eatery) where the truck was standing with a punctured tyre, they said. A massive explosion rent the air causing panic in the surrounding area as the tanker, reportedly belonging to Hindustan Petroleum, burst into flames that also enveloped two trucks, a car and a motorbike parked in the vicinity, police said. 

Fire engines from nearby places were pressed into service to douse the fire that raged for over three hours as police cut off electricity supply in the area during the operation. 

The worst place to cross a road is a zebra (pedestrian) crossing:-

Something as simple as crossing the road is a high-risk adventure activity in most Indian cities. You look both ways and all you see is a sea of unending traffic. While there are some pedestrian lights in the city centers they should be used at your own risk. Even the zebra crossings dotted here and there are completely ignored by motorists. 

Ride in an Indian Auto Rickshaw for a 3 Wheeler Roller Coaster Ride:-

If the thrill of riding in a metal cbin with no doors, no seat belts and no airbags on treacherous Indian roads doesn’t scare you, then the auto-wallah’s driving skills definitely will! Riding an auto rickshaw is a bit like riding a roller coaster except you stay firmly on the ground with no definite track.

Even though auto rickshaws are said have a top-speed of around 50 km/h (about 31 mph), it definitely doesn’t seem like it and I doubt it’s true especially when you’re zipping past cars and bikes at much higher speeds leaving them in a cloud of smoke. You can sometimes feel the G-forces pulling you as the auto-wallah makes a tight turn. They’re driven the way you would a bumper car at a carnival.

They zig-zag and weave through traffic unafraid of bigger vehicles or pedestrians and are notorious for playing chicken by driving on the wrong side of the road with oncoming traffic. And just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, if the gap between two cars or buses in front of you is seemingly impossible to fit into…think again! The auto wallah will surprise you by daringly maneuvering their rickshaw into the tightest imaginable spaces in traffic. So much so that you can literally touch the vehicle beside you by sicking out a finger!

All said and done not all auto-wallah’s are terrible and drive like there’s no tomorrow. In fact the auto-wallah is probably the best guides in town, so Rickshaws are a great way of seeing a new city. In traffic their best bet to getting you to your destination the quickest. While the Journey may be rough, the destination is always reached.

Lack of Laws and their proper enforcements: – 

No Proper laws have been devised and those devised are not meant and dealt properly. Just drive as you like and if you happen to kill someone, just grease a few palms and walk into the sunset. Such is the height of corruption in India. 

Lack of Emergency Services: –  

Roads lack any facility for emergency services. In case of an accident there is no provision for first aid treatment near the intersections. Victims have to cost their lives as doctors and hospitals are usually not nearby.

How long common people will pay their life?

How long will government take any action against such incidents?

There is no assurance of our life that we will return our home in evening……………! GEVT7S4QHJFR 

Is politics bad or politicians?

Politics:- The science of government; that part of ethics which has to do with the regulation and government of a nation or state, the preservation of its safety, peace, and prosperity, the defense of its existence and rights against foreign control or conquest, the augmentation of its strength and resources, and the protection of its citizens in their rights, with the preservation and improvement of their morals.

Politicians:- The parties or persons who carries out the process. The management of a political party; the conduct and contests of parties with reference to political measures or the administration of public affairs; the advancement of candidates to office; in a bad sense, artful or dishonest management to secure the success of political candidates or parties; political trickery.
India is a democratic country and therefore every Indian has a right to live own way, say what they feel, and to do what they want. In our country we have politicians to do work for our country’s development and common peoples benefits. We have lots of political parties in our country but these parties never do any work for which they should do. Before elections they promise for the development of town, city, state, and for country but they forget everything after winning elections. In politics parties blames other parties. Sometimes politics seems to be full of hypocrisy, fake, manipulated by parties. As politics is difficult to understand so are politicians. If some accident like train accident, terrorist attacks, or something other happens then opposition parties make an issue of that so that they can blame ruling parties. If political parties had some feelings about doing something for their city, village, town, state or country than they would have done in so many years without having powers also. Politicians just know how to take benefit and fulfill their pockets. We have so many basic need problems like water, shelter, work, food, and if our government not being able to resolve all these problems then how we can ask them anything else? We are not safe in our country also. Money is wasted for the politician’s security but common people’s safety is neglected. If safety of common people’s was important than terrorist attacks wouldn’t had been taken place.
Politicians are corrupted too much. They speak good words for their benefits. Many incidents had happened under rule of different political parties but they never recognize anything. If somebody lost something, that were common peoples. Why we bring politicians to rule so that they can fulfill our needs and make our country developed. Politicians rise past incidents and sometimes they hide incidents for their own benefits. In elections politicians bring bollywood celebrities for publicity of their parties. Sometimes politicians are found giving money to poor ones and asking votes. Politicians want power to rule over country by hook or crook. Politicians try to win elections in name of religion, poverty, development etc but they only make promises never fulfill them. There are many places in India which are still far away from electricity.
Why don’t we youth join politics and bring change in our system. But how many youths are there who want to serve for their country? Today everyone wants to earn money and wants to remain far from problems, tensions. What do you believe?
According to you who is bad politics or politicians?    
Is this way our country will develop?
How many of you want a change in our life?
Politics or politicians……………………………..!

26/11 Black Day for Indian History

The day when somebody lost his/her father, brother, mother, sister, uncle, aunt, grandfather or grandmother. I am furious by hearing that horrible incidence, what great people are they who suffered that and came out from that terror. Hat’s off to them and their families. We lost so much and now what we have in our hands is just memories of our loved ones. These terrorist’s should be given a death which kills them slowly and reminds them what they did to those innocents.

26/11/08, 9:30 pm where all people at CST Station, Hotel Taj mahal, Hotel Oberoi, Nariman house, Leopold café, cama hospital would be either waiting to go home, having dinner with their families, friends or colleagues, or would be going on bed a massive attack took place by terrorist. Terrorist attacked various places in groups. They fired blindly to innocent people and took their lives for doing nothing just being an Indian! Every people ran here and there to save their life. Some police men’s and courageous people didn’t take care of their lives and saved others and became shahid.
Of the 10 heavily armed terrorists who came here from the Arabian Sea route and attacked Mumbai, only one was nabbed – Mohammed Ajmal Amir alias Kasab and all other were members of Lashkar-e-Taiba. Others were shot by police officers, army men’s, and NSG commandos. The attacks killed 179 people, including at least 22 foreigners. U.S. warned India about possible Mumbai attack (December 2, 2008) Over 300 injuries were reported. The first attack occurred about 9:30 pm at the Cafe Leopold. As the rampage progressed, gunmen opened fire at several locations throughout the city, including a crowded train station and several luxury hotels. The terrorists were reported to be seeking victims with British or American passports. These attackers continuously attacked with AK-47 rifles and threw many hand grenades. They were talking continuously to their chiefs who were in Pakistan. They also used cell phones of foreign tourist with the siege on Mumbai finally coming to an end after over 60 hours of constant conflict. 
Encounter specialist cop Vijay Salaskar and Additional Commissioner of police Ashok Kamte were killed during the siege. Hemant Karkare, Sandeep unnikrishnan head of the Indian anti-terrorist squad, also died. Witnesses reported that they looked to be in their early twenties, wore black t-shirts and jeans, and that they smiled and looked happy as they shot their victims. he ten attackers were identified by Mumbai police, along with their home towns in Pakistan: Ajmal Amir from Faridkot, Abu Ismail Dera Ismail Khan from Dera Ismail Khan, Hafiz Arshad and Babr Imran from Multan, Javed from Okara, Shoaib from Narowal, Nazih and Nasr from Faisalabad, Abdul Rahman from Arifwalla, and Fahad Ullah from Dipalpur Taluka. 
Pakistani terrorist Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, in his dramatic confession before a special court Monday, said that he was a decorator by profession but since his income was little, he was attracted to ‘jihad’ (holy war). In a dramatic twist in the ongoing 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks trial, Pakistani terrorist Mohammed Ajmal Amir alias Kasab on Monday confessed his role in carrying out the Mumbai terror attacks which left 180 persons dead and over 300 injured. 
The people were killed rudely by the attackers. They took lives of innocent people, kids. People who lost their loved ones are never going to forget that black day of their life. We the other people would forget this incident after some years. Is it fine that some attackers from neighbor countries come to our country and take lives of many innocent people? How long will be the procedure of court will take place to prove Ajmal Kasab as terrorist and accused? As he has admitted his crime then why he is not given punishment that all the terrorist see and will think again before doing any crime. Such a terrible incident took around us we were helpless. 
Politicians or government come give their speech and goes away. They would never understand the feelings of that people who had lost their near ones until they undergo situation like this. 
The burning Taj, smoke rising and pigeons flying is a reminder of how soon how bad it can become, and also a call to those who care to contribute. And fortunately or unfortunately, India is at that turn of history, where we have little choice. 
Let us unite and show our unity to world and those black eye people who dreams to destroy us that no one can harm till we are one and Indian.

Citizen of state or country?

Are u citizens of state or citizen of country? I am Indian and that’s my first recognition. What about you? In our country many years ago people gave their life to free our country from Britishers rule that time they gave their life for our country not for the state. Great people like chandrashekhar azad, rani laxmi bai, bal gangadhar tilak, Subhash Chandra bose, lal bahadur shastri, and many more gave their life to free our country from Britishers hand they never thought about they never thought about any religion they never thought about rich or poor than why today we people think all these things? Nothing is above humanity. Every religion is equal. Why under influence of political parties we forget these things? Some parties collect vote by creating difference in religion, and state is this right? In our early school days we are taught that:- 

I am an Indian,
I am proud to be an Indian,
Every people in this country are my brothers and sisters……….!
How many of you remember this oath? Political parties just know how to collect votes that’s all. Is there any party in our country that has done only good work? Is there any party who is totally devoted to work? No! I don’t think there is any political party who has right to take any decision about nationality or citizenship! Nor they have right who will stay where? It is time to fight against terrorism not between amongst each other. Is this education we are giving our coming generation?
Great player like sachin tendulkar is known as Indian cricketer not as maharashtrian cricketer. He is being pointed out by some political party for his statement of first being Indian than maharashtrian. Is this the right thing that some political are trying to create difference between states of one country?
We have reached in 21st century than also some peoples are living now also in ancient period. It’s time to live and let live. Is our country a developing one? Like this way we are developing? We should be ashamed of such things happening around us? In our country there are many languages, many religions, many states, many rivers but this country if divided into such things than nothing will be left. Its time to live like one family.
Are you Indian or a state citizen?
Do you support these things?
Who will take step against these things?
Let us unite and show these people that we are one and will always be one.!
If you want to give your comments than please do write your feelings.

Why helping hands rise against us sometime?

At a number of places, the security forces have been found guilty of using excessive force while facing angry crowds, resulting in the loss of human lives. There are, of course, demonstrations against killings in police firing, custodial deaths, torture and disappearances. Few months back a fake police encounter took place in Dehradun. A young guy lost his life in a fake encounter. Guy went two days before to join his job, but police killed the innocent guy. How many people will lose their lives by policemen’s? Police force are appointed for peoples safety, and security but working people afraid from them. Nobody wants to face mess in their lives. Everyone wants to stay away from problems in their life. Police in case of helping people harasses them. If someone sees something happening wrong then they won’t protest or say because they know very well helping someone may put their life into trouble.   

Poor women lost her innocent husband:-   

A young woman comes forward carrying a child with one hand and a wedding photo in another. Tears flow down Janaki’s cheeks as she remembers the events of two years ago.
“He was a gentle man, a good man,” Janaki says. “He was not a criminal like the police say. Now he is gone, I have nothing. I want to kill myself, but I can’t because otherwise who will care for my child?”   

“We should be allowed to kill the police the way they killed our boys, or at least the government should punish them to make an example of them so nobody ever does the same again.”
Ram Darashi and Jitender died in the town of Dehradun, while their two friends were killed about 45km (28 miles) miles away in Rishikesh. Police in Dehradun say Ram Darashi and Jitender were  criminals who mugged a woman and stole some jewellery in August 2006.They say that when officers tried to stop the two men – because they matched the description of the attackers – they opened fire. The police shot back and the two died. 

Fake encounter case:-
A case of murder was registered against police officials involved in the killing of MBA graduate Ranbir Singh in an alleged fake encounter as pressure mounted on the BJP government in Uttarkhand today to order a CBI probe.The FIRs under section 302 (murder) IPC was lodged following a murder case against 14 police personnel registered by Ranbir’s father Ravindra Pal Singh.   
Rape cases
This is not the first time when we get to hear of a policeman raping a girl, but one needs to stand up against it as one of the victim, a 22-year-old girl, did. She was allegedly raped twice by a policeman in Gurgaon. 
Policemen’s make a fake case against the working, poor people and earn money from them. Police men’s sometimes help the criminals to full their pockets. There are many cases where police officer’s are found guilty. From top to bottom level some officer’s are totally corrupted.
Why Police officers don’t file case easily? 
Government appoints police officers for benefit of people, for their safety, for their security. We have seen many times that police officers don’t file case easily, they harass common people. Police is appointed for the common people. Common people pay their income to the government officers for their safety and other services. Then why do common people suffer humiliation from police officers? 

Are all police men one and same?
Do police have the rights?
If we see some crime happening why don’t we protest against it?
Is there no way to stop police injustice?


IITF is the event of ITPO held every year in Pragati Maidan from 14th to 27th November. It is the only event of its kind held in India in terms of its size and content – it is both a B2B and a B2C event. Exhibitor can showcase their latest products and services to potential buyers from across the world. Exhibitor can also launch new products and services and create a market for the same. Comprising a wide range of products and services, engineering, automobiles, electronics, chemicals, drugs and pharmaceutical, jute, rubber, handicrafts, jewelery, consumer goods and other sectors.

The India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO), the premier trade promotion agency of the Government of India- will this year be celebrating 29 years of its premier event- “India International Trade Fair”. Ever since its inception in 1980, this mega-event has evolved into Asia’s largest show of its kind.
IITF 2008 had 7,500 domestic and 350 overseas exhibitors (38 countries) with over 3,00,000 business visitors and 3 million general visitors. IITF 2009 expected much more visitor from previous year.
Business Visitor Hours : 09:30 am to 07:30 p.m ( November   14th – 18th, 2009) Entry Gates : 1,2 & 10
General Visitor Hours  :  09:30 am to 07:30 p.m (Nov 19th – 27th, 2009) Entry Gates : All