Dowry…….! A Sin For Women……….

We have reached in 21st century but now also people ask dowry. In past years dowry was asked as gifts from brides family to grooms family,along with the giving away of the bride ( Kanyadaan) in  Indian. Kanyadanam is an important part of  Hindu marital rites. Kanya  means daughter, and dana means gift. Dowry means “Dahej” in Hindi. Dowry was legally prohibited in year 1961. Dowry not only includes money but also cars, investments, electronics, and now a days people from groom ‘s family demand for a highly well organised and huge wedding and ceremonies too.

There are many women’s who have suffered many miseries and harassment’s of their In-law’s just because that their demands were not fulfilled. Brides parents some times are not able to fulfill all the demands of groom’s family and due to that the girl suffers or sometimes she has to pay her life. In some cases we can see that girl is burn and is shown that she committed suicide. There are many cases where bride is harassed in such a way that she commits suicide instead of fighting against the injustice happened to her. Some women’s are harassed if they give birth to a girl.

In some cases groom and his family is threatened if they file a case against them. Even  police doesn’t file case easily against the accused. Sometimes accused try to settle the case out of court and try to escape from the punishment.
Not only dowry is asked in marriages, but in other religious or children birth occasions are not counted less then dowry. When a boy is born grooms family asks for gifts, money, gold  or silver items for their relatives and for themselves. Dowry has taken many lives of women and unborn girl child in women’s womb.

LUCKNOW:  For nineteen-year-old Rinki dreams of a happily married life was never to be. Barely a month after her marriage, she was allegedly tortured and then set ablaze by her in-laws for dowry in Indiranagar. 

HAVERI: Jyoti, daughter of Chandrashekhar Byadagi, married to Ajjappa Siddappa Kaginelle in Guttal village (Haveri taluk) had taken her life after being allegedly harassed by her husband Ajjappa, mother-in-law Kotravva, sister-in-law Nagavva and father-in-law Siddappa for more dowry.

There are many cases like these it is believed as that in every 12 hour a women is burn just for dowry. People should think and not accept the demands if asked by the groom and his family. Brides parents should deny and sue a case against the grooms family if they ask for dowry. Demand increases as one demand fulfills another is on the way, and these demands sometimes make a man greedy.

Why people don’t think once also when they fulfill such dowry demands? It seems that they are selling their daughter and not marrying her. Grooms parents should think that if the same thing happens to their daughter then what they would do?

Why a woman is blamed if a girl is born?

Why brides family give Dowry to grooms family?

Are our sisters and daughters for sale?

Who is responsible for dowry girls parents or boys family?

What you would do if dowry is asked from your daughters in-laws?

Who’s Fault …….? MCD Or Mobile Companies

From few days Mobile holders of Delhi, Ghaziabad and Noida are suffering problems. Allahabad  court gave order to take appropriate  against the contractors operating the mobile towers without being approved as per regulations. Saturday was nothing less than a nightmare for cell phone users in Noida as a sealing drive against illegal mobile phone towers. Around 190 towers were sealed in Noida and people suffered problems due to that all over NCR region.
The authorities claimed that service providers in the city have not submitted documents required for authorisation of the towers. Sandeep Chandra, senior project engineer (II), Noida Authority, told Indian Express, “Electricity supply to the towers has been cut and the back-up generators have also been sealed. Only 125 cellular service providers had submitted applications requesting an extension a few months ago”.

The authorities have decided that they will de-seal the towers only if the service providers concerned submit an affidavit within 10 days and complete all formalities. Service providers including, Vodafone, Airtel, Tata Indicom and Reliance have been affected by this sealing.
Once desealing takes place only 30-odd towers will remain sealed. Shops located in many malls also reported they had severe problems in accessing credit cards of their customers. Even mobile holders are also facing problems.
Why no action was taken when these towers were put?
Why Mobile holders are suffering problems because of  MCD or Mobile Companies?
Where was MCD?

Education For Sucess Or For Excellence?

Education…! True education leads to successful life. What first thought comes to you by reading this? According to me you would first thing that comes to your mind is ‘Future’. If you are educated you can achieve your goals and objectives always. you should have knowledge and understand what ever you have studied. Education always should aim in making you strong. Education increases by sharing with others. True educated person is that who believes in mankind. Good education makes person not only intelligent, well-being but also he remains down to earth however his position is high in society.

The purpose of education, as marketed by the education industry, is career advancement, higher pay, and empowering a college graduate’s job search. You should learn to think not to follow.
“We shall not grow wiser before we learn that much that we have done was very foolish.” – F. A. Hayek
If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all. – Noam Chomsky
We have reached in 21st century and our education system, style, syllabus is changed by the change of time. It is necessary to be educated for our future and for our child’s future. Education not only gives earnings but also helps to increase knowledge.
Real education needs to be goal oriented for practical life. Good education is seen as a stepping stone to a high flying career. Even after more than 50 years after independence we are far away from the goal of universal literacy. But on a positive note, Indian professionals are considered among the best in the world are in great demand. This signifies the inherent strength of Indian education system. 
Free and compulsory education to all children up to the age fourteen is constitutional commitment in India. The Parliament of India has recently passed Right to Education Act, through which education has become fundamental right of all children of age group 6-14 year.
There are many schools and colleges which government runs in small villages, towns and cities for poor class. Even Board exams from this year would be now optional for 10th and 12th standards. Education is very important in the present day life.Only a literate person can now adjust with the development of society.
Especially girls or women must be educated.As they play vital role in the society.There are some people around us who still don’t let their girl children to go to school and get educated.All these old customs or practises has to be removed.When a girl is educated she attains knowledge gains power this helps in her self development .When she has a family it gives a positive thinking and influences that family in various ways.When her kids grow she too makes them educated. 
Education for success or for intelligence?
What is more important for you?

Valentine Day …………Let’s See Love This Year

As we all know that Valentine Day is going to come next week. It is a day when everyone expresses their love by gifting each other with flowers, cards, chocolates etc. Yes it celebrated in western countries but now from many years we the Indians also celebrate this day for expressing our feelings. It is a day of love and bonding. India being a country of different religions and castes, has also accepted this day as one of its own. A country that celebrates almost all the festivals of the world. It is a day for love, romance for youth to oldies

Young couples share their feelings by sharing gifts and spending full day together. On February 14, Valentine’s Day restaurants, discos, Cineplex, pubs and pizza parlors see a particularly busy time as couples celebrate the day in togetherness. Many love birds even propose on this romantic day. People also express love to their friends, teachers, siblings and parents.
As India is a country where different religions are followed some people and political parties find this day as  should not be celebrated in India as this day comes from western countries it should not be welcomed in our country and culture. Some Hindu and Muslim religious groups openly oppose the valentine day saying that this not the culture of the country. They protest and beat youths and couples seen together on this day. they destroy and ruin shops, galleries and places where these days celebrations happen.
Everyone has the right for privacy. No one has right to interfere in anyone’s life. Shiv Sena every years protest this day by threatening people and beating couples any where together. In Mumbai couples spend more time together at bandstand by hiding themselves behind rocks enjoying private moments are ruined and are beaten by Shiv Sena. In all over India Shiv Sena people protest and make hell the whole day for couples and love birds.
Why it is wrong to celebrate Valentine Day?
Why Shiv Sena interferes in every single case?
How many of you think celebrating Love is not Indian culture?

Show The Power Of India

This Campaign is just to show the power of Indians against Shiv Sena and MNS. Please put your thoughts about Shiv Sena and MNS activities in Maharashtra. I would request to people of Maharashtra, do share your thoughts, views and feeling about the current happening in state.
SocialTwist Tell-a-FriendDo send it to your friends, colleagues and ask them to share their thoughts.

Is Mumbai the property of Shiv Sena and MNS…?
Is Mumbai not part of India?
Shiv Sena and MNS are kings of Maharashtra who will decide that who will stay here and work here?
Is Shah Rukh Khan wrong?
Why Bollywood is quiet?
Why Government & Court is not taking any actions against such threats?
Shiv Sena and MNS beats Indians (north Indians), is that right?
Do Shiv Sena has right to  protest against Australia?
Pointing finger on Sonia Gandhi that she is an Italian Mummy is it right?
In past Bala Saheb Thackeray, Raj Thackeray and Udhhav Thackeray has met Javed Miandand former Pakistani player and relative of Don Dawood  on their house. Has Bala Saheb forget his past? Where was his Marathi love that time?
Meeting such person who’s relative is involved and is responsible in blast case of Mumbai is right?
Should Social boycott be done for this parties like Shiv Sena and MNS?
Shiv Sena member Sanjay Raut  Threatens Shah Rukh Khan that his house is in Mumbai not in Pakistan is right?
Should these parties be banned in politics? 
Bollywood is shocked by the Shiv Sena’s attack against Shah Rukh Khan.
Shiv Sena believes that Mumbai belongs to Marathi people and north Indians don’t have right on Mumbai. Shiv Sena and MNS believes that people who are born in Maharashtra should only be allowed to work and people who are north Indians should work in their own states. 
Mumbai may belong to all Indians but how can it belong to an Italian mummy,” Bal Thackeray said in ‘Saamna’. “The ‘Prince of Congress’ is totally frustrated and it is in this frustration he has insulted Marathi people and Maharashtra. Mumbai was not a ‘dharamshala’ where anyone comes, spits and leaves. He further said that only Shiv Sena can fight for the interest of Marathi people. It seems that since Rahul won’t grow any further physically, he has now grown horns and wisdom teeth to make such statements.”Let ‘Prince’ Rahul study history and he would know how his great grandfather Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had to apologise to the people of Maharashtra. Let the Prince not repeat such mistakes,” he said. Mumbai belongs to Maharashtra and Marathi people, Thackeray maintained and added that “If anyone is going to murder this truth, he will have to face weapons of Maharashtra”.
Udhhav Thackeray said as Indians are being treated badly in Australia, it would not be apt to allow Australians to play in India. The Sena working president threatened that it would not allow matches to be held if the Australians play.
Whether it’s Shah Rukh or anyone else, the Shiv Sena says he must take back his comments, so he’ll have to do it. It’s better if he understands this well. Shah Rukh Khan will have to apologise or else we will not let his film release in Mumbai,” said Joshi.
Today Abhijeet Bhattacharya a famous bollywood singer said that “Shah Rukh Khan if have guts then he should release his movies in Pakistan”.
Many Bollywood  celebs has written their view about this controversy and supported Shah Rukh Khan. Konkana Sen Gupta, Vishal music director, Anil Kapoor, Farah Ali Khan, Mahesh Bhatt have supported him on twitter.
Why distributors are threatened in Mumbai that if any posters or movie of Shah Rukh Khan is released than they would have to pay high price for that……!

Are Padma Awards…….. Precious Or ?

Receiving Padma Shri awards means that something good is done in development of country, arts, trade, industry, social work or anything which is not only good but also great and remarkable. Padma Shri are given for exceptional and distinguished service in any field including service rendered by Government servants. And those who deserve these awards were ignored or you can say they remained unrecognized.

Gulam Mohammed Mir is thought that he was a terrorist in his past. Opposition party in Jammu & Kashmir has claimed that Gulam Mohammed Mir is not a person to be honoured by such a prestigious award. He said “This is incorrect, I never had any links with militants. This story has been floated by some enemies. I’m a civilian I used to run my business. I have chosen to work for my country on my own accord. I have helped recover over 1000 arms. Every time I encountered militants, I tried my best to make sure that no one got hurt. If you want proof you can get it easily. I have worked with civilians for other civilians. When militants would enter their houses and harass the women, I’d intervene. It’s all a conspiracy”.
Abhinav Bindra says “Yes, I am disappointed to see that their names have been omitted”.
Sailesh Kumar and Vijendra Singh are now feeling sad at being overlooked for the Padma awards who made us proud in Olympics.
Sant Singh Chatwal US based hotelier  received Padma Bhushan awards is accused in a 9 million dollar fraud.
Saif Ali Khan bollywood actor received Padma Shri awards. Till now he hasn’t done any work which is so great that he received this award.
Yasin Merchant great snooker player raised a storm when they were ignored for the prestigious Padma Shri award.
Resul Pookkutti Oscar winner who belongs to the state, did not figure among those nominated to the Centre for the Padma Shri.
Moon Team who found out water on moon was unrecognized as they find no mention in the list of Padma awards.
No Farmer was nominated this year.

Division In Country By Languages?

Firstly  Sachin Tendlkar then Mukesh Ambani, Aamir Khan Shah Rukh Khan now its Saif Ali Khan and Rahul Gandhi. Shiv Sena always criticizes people who believe that they are firstly an”Indian”. After targeting Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan for his remarks supporting the inclusion of Pakistani cricketers in the IPL, the Shiv Sena Saturday dragged in Aamir Khan, calling the duo “2 Idiots”. Aamir had said Friday that if he were to select IPL players he would do so only on the basis of their performance and not nationality.
Rahul Gandhi a youth icon for India for future.Who rescued Mumbai during 26/11? The NSG commandos came to Mumbai’s rescue and most of them came from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh,” He opposed Shiv Sena by commenting that in Mumbai attacks north Indians saved the life of Mumbaikars.
Reacting to Rahul Gandhi’s earlier comments on Shiv Sena, in the Sena mouthpiece Saamana, Uddhav Thakeray on Tuesday said Rahul’s comments have insulted the martyrs of 26/11. An issue by Shiv Sena. Shiv Sena believes that Mumbai belongs to Marathi people and north Indians don’t have right on Mumbai. Shiv Sena and MNS believes that people who are born in Maharashtra should only be allowed to work and people who are north Indians should work in their own states.
RSS, the Sangh parivar  has asked its volunteers to protect north Indians in Maharashtra and prevent spread of anti-Hindi feelings. Bhagwat had said yesterday, “Mumbai is for all Indians. People of all languages, communities, tribes are children of India. Nobody can prevent Indians from moving to any part of the country in search of employment.”
Udhhav Thackeray said as Indians are being treated badly in Australia, it would not be apt to allow Australians to play in India. The Sena working president threatened that it would not allow matches to be held if the Australians play. He said the orders to this effect have come from Sena supremo Bal Thackeray.
Shah Rukh asserted he believed that every Indian would agree that India is a “good country” and that “everyone is welcome as a guest”, but at the same time said too much importance was being attached to the words of “just an actor”.
“It makes me feel that activities like this are unhealthy, undemocratic, its insensitive but this is the world is and you can only say what you believe in and stand by it and hopefully I will have the strength to do so,” Khan told reporters when asked about the Shiv Sena protests back home. “As an Indian I’m not ashamed, guilty or unhappy about what I said neither am I sorry,” he said.
Is this What we are going to give our generations?
Does language or Religion more than being an Indian?

Pairs Made In Heaven But Marriages Broken On Earth:-

It is said that pairs are made in heaven and marriages are executed on earth. In ancient period marriages decision were taken by elder person’s in the house, but now a day’s as teenager’s cross their teens they take decision by their own. As they believe that they are mature enough to decide better for their life. Marriages in past were as religious ceremony but now a days it has become as if show off of status and standard of living.

Arrange marriages are just loosing its importance. In ancient period marriages were arranged by elders and there was no system of meeting a groom before marriage but as time passes certain beliefs also changed with time. Now arrange marriages take place but the decision is taken by boy and girl. They meet, talk, spend time with each other and if feel compatible then take a step forward. In love marriages as the boy and girl knows each other from long time they decide to get marry.

Today marriages don’t last for long time because of modern living style, work, independence, boundations in relations according to individual. A relation doesn’t work from one side it is important that both bride and groom understand their responsibility and have faith towards each other. Few decades back only a man used to work but now as women”s also work to help their family financially. In some cases men’s ego comes in between or sometimes they suspect on their wives.

Yes! world is developing and India too is developing in business, economics, arts etc. But Indian religion and beliefs are there where it was in past. And we should not forget our past.

There should be understanding amongst couples. They should be friendly and  compatible to each other. They should not be possessive or suspect each other.The only way to be together is to have lots of love and faith among each other. Always ignore the faults and mistakes.

In some cases today people leave each other for their career and high dreams.

Is love enough for marriage?

Are we responsible for our break-ups?

What’s The Future Of Haryana Couple?

In Haryana a couple is forced to live as siblings for the future. A village Panchayat took decision for a couple to live separately as they are from same “Gotra”.In Hindu Vedas it is written that “Gotra ” should be different of couple and if they share same they are counted as siblings. But is it right that a couple is separated from a relationship to siblings?
Is this the right decision?

Satish Berwal of Kheri village in this district was married to Kavita, a resident of Bhagi village in Jhajjar district, three years ago. The couple also has a 10-month-old boy .In our country, people from any  same gotras cannot marry each other as they are considered brother and sister.

Kavita is free to return to her parents’ house along with her son. They have given them an ultimatum of 28 days to follow this order and if they fail to follow the deadline then strict action will be taken against them.The panchayat has also directed Satish’s father Azad Singh to disown his son from all the property and belongings and to deposit Rs 300,000 in the name of his grandson in a bank.

Is this the future that you also think is right for them?

Living in 21st century we are now also following ancient principles is right but in some cases decision should be taken for the good future. what ever has happened is happened but now the decision should be taken by remembering for the future of the child.

Government should interfere in these cases and solve the problem. Supreme court  has passed an order in favour of couple. They are given permission to live together as husband and wife.

Is this future of India?

What step should be taken by according to you?