Couples Murdered For “HONOUR”

India is a country with different festivals, cultures, religions, beautiful mountains, rivers, valleys, and colourful. India is country of traditions and people here live life by following their traditional values till they are alive. We have reaches in 21st century but still in our country there are many regions and villages where still “Love marriage“, “Inter-caste” marriage, or marrying in same “Gotra” is a ‘Sin’ or ‘Paap’. Decades have been passed but these rules have taken lives of many newly married couples or they have been separated by ‘Panchayat’, or by their ‘Families’.

There many couples who have lost their lives and now they are just names.
GEETA’S crime was that she married a non-Rajput. “Everyone in the village knew that we planned to get married, but none objected. Neither my parents nor Jasbir’s family objected to our marriage,” she said. Although she had some apprehensions against marrying a boy from the same village in view of social sanctions, Jasbir reassured her and the couple got married under the Special Marriage Act in a court in Chandigarh. She said that the four persons who had murdered her husband had repeatedly threatened that they would teach him a lesson for marrying a Rajput girl. Jasbir’s mother, who also spoke at the convention, said that she would keep her daughter-in-law with her and the only thing that concerned her was securing justice. Said Geeta: “I do not care if anything happens to me. I am going to fight it out till the end.”
Rohtas Kumar,from Haryana a Dalit, explained how his community was humiliated by upper-caste Jats after two Jat girls ran with a Dalit youth. He said that though it was clear to everyone that the girls had eloped on their own, a case of kidnapping was registered. The village remained tense as the caste panchayat of Jats announced a public boycott of Dalits. Essential supplies were denied to Dalits and they were prevented from drawing water from the village well. Rohtas Kumar, who opposed such measures, was publicly flogged and had to pay a fine. “It was a choice between getting killed and facing humiliation,” he said. More important, the girls who returned to the village died in suspicious circumstances.
A girl was forced to consume poison after being denied the right to get married to a boy of her choice. The boy, on the other hand, left the village along with his family, fearing reprisal. There was yet another instance where a couple, after getting married, was forced to annul the marriage following a caste panchayat declared that the man and the woman belonged to the same gotra or sub-caste. They were made to declare that they were brother and sister.
Raj Narayan, from Bhawanipur district in Uttar Pradesh, narrated how his brother’s wife was gang-raped and burnt to death by influential people belonging to the Yadav community of the same village, in a case of revenge. Her crime was that her son had eloped with the wife of one of the Yadavs. Yadavs forced all the male members of the family to search for the couple and then in their absence assaulted his sister-in-law, Sia Dulaari. Since her house was locked from outside, the Yadavs, who shared a common wall, scaled it at night and raped her.
The Karnal sessions court awarded death to five members of a family on Tuesday for the honour killing of Manoj, 23, and Babli, 19. The newly weds were hacked to death by the girl’s family within days of their secret marriage in Chandigarh on May 18, 2007, on the diktats of a self-styled community panchayat (khap) for marrying against societal norms. Their mutilated bodies, with hands and legs tied, were found in a canal on June 23.
A newly married couple was shot dead in full public view at Patti village near the India-Pakistan border in Punjab on Tuesday. The couple had got married a few months back and were living in Firozpur, about 200 km from the village and were also given police protection. Prabhjot and her husband Sandeep were shot allegedly shot dead by her family members, while she was going to give her 12th board exams.
These are some stories of those couples who have lost their lives or relations by their families false ‘Proud’. Families try to keep their proud in any way in society by forcely marrying girl with other guy or by killing her. “Honour” is what should be true and by which everyone see you and give an example to be like you. But today people don’t hesitate taking lives of their child or others child.
Punishment should be given so hard that every human being remember’s and don’t commit such crime only for their ‘false pride’.
How much lives are being saved by LAW?
Who will take the responsibility for our youths?
Is Love marriage such a big crime?
How many of you support these fake traditional values?

Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week 2010-Spring Summer Collection

Year 2010 started with Fashion, style, glamor and with hot summer. These days Will Lifestyle Fashion Week is happening and various designers have shown their talent, thoughts and thinking about fashion in their costumes and apparels.


Punishment For Murder And Rape Should Be…………?

In World every country has its own law, and each country has law for murder it differs for male and female. In India women’s are given life imprisonment and man’s are given hang till death punishment for murder. Each country in world has different laws and it is consider that India is a country who has liberal law for women’s than other countries. Every country tries to low down crime and criminals but in some cases nothing can be done and neither a person can brought on right path.

The punishment of murder is hang till death which means a person is hanged till he is dead. In India a person is given death punishment rarely. If the crime is not forgettable no hope of person being good in future is given death.
In 1980 only 25 countries had abolished the death penalty for all crimes. That figure now stands at 91, with a further 11 countries having abolished the death penalty for ‘ordinary’ crimes. In 2006 and 2007 respectively, the Philippines and the Cook Islands abolished the death penalty joining those 17 other Asia Pacific countries that have abolished the death penalty for all crimes. Twenty seven countries have now abolished the death penalty in law or in practice in the Asia Pacific region. In South Korea and Mongolia there have been legislative initiatives to abolish the death penalty.
At least 140 people are believed to have been sentenced to death in 2006 and 2007. Some 44 persons are currently known to be on death row awaiting a decision on their mercy petitions by the President of India. At independence in 1947, India retained the 1861 Penal Code which provided for the death penalty for murder, requiring judges to state the reasons if a death sentence was not imposed.
The death sentence is given to crimes like ‘terrorist’, rarest of rare’, ‘special reasons. Even death sentence should be given to rapist’s so that a person thinks twice before  committing any crime.
The United States has the highest rape rate among countries which report such statistics. It is 4 times higher than that of Germany, 13 times higher than that of England and 20 times higher than that of Japan. 83% of rape cases are ages 24 or under.
Women’s are not given death sentence in our country but yes they are given punishment of life imprisonment and a live example are:
Nalini murderer of Rajiv Gandhi. She has passed 19 years in jail as punishment and five more years are left as her punishment.
Mohammed Hanif Sayed, his wife Fahimida and their associate Ashrat Shafique Ansari who were sentenced to death by a special court.
Dhananjoy Chatterjee was hanged for the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl in 1990.
 Pakistani terrorist Mohammad Ajmal Kasab pleaded guilty before a special court on the charges of executing the terror strikes in Mumbai along with his accomplices, that claimed over 180 lives. He followed up his confession with a plea for an early sentence.
There are hundreds of name who are given death sentence and still awaiting for the punishment to be executed. To me death sentence is also less for criminals. They should be given such punishment that every human being thinks twice and thrice before doing any crime.
What is the most severe punishment that should be given to criminals?
What is your opinion for Death sentence?

Politics On……….. Big Bachhan

Amitabh Bachhan was invited for inaugaration of sea link of Maharashtra. He was invited by Congress party as a chief guest. Big Bachhan inaugurated the extension at Bandra-Worli sea link. “The Rajiv Gandhi Sagari Setu or the Bandra-Worli Sea Link was opening up the remaining four tracks on this massive and symbolic structure that connects two regions of the suburb over the sea. I had been invited by the Minister in the Government to attend and so I went along,” Big B posted on his blog.

Ashok Chavan, said “Amitabh Bachhan is the brand ambassador of another state. We would like to promote our own state. Perhaps I would not have attended the function had I known he would be present,” adding, “I’ve heard that some people in the congress party are unhappy that Amitabh Bachchan was invited.”

 Several Congress leaders said they were not aware that Bachchan would be present at the function. The actor’s name was not there on the invitation card, they said.
However, Public Undertakings Minister Jaidutt Kshirsagar, who is also chairperson of the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation, justified the decision to invite Bachchan because he was an “icon”.
CM says, that he would not have attended the function if he was aware of the fact that Amitabh is invited.I think he should be reminded that Amitabh is not an active politician and as far as promoting tourism in Gujarat is concerned,it is not a crime.
What these politicians are trying to do?

Do they have mind or not?

Why they make small thing into a big issue?

Live In Relationship In Our Country…………?

Marriage is something what every culture believes is right way to spend life and together. We have reached in 2st century where every individual youth of today believes in living their life as they want. In India people do live together and without marrying each other and this relationship’s called “Live In relationship”. Many Bollywood movies are made on this concept in past and few years ago. Today supreme court announced that Live In relationship is not a crime as it does not hurts. The court also said that Lord Krishna and Radha also lived in relationship. No law or rule is passed on this relationship. Court said that as being adult they can make sexual relationship and no rule is passed on it.

People who want to live with each other but they don’t have much time as each individual has their career and ambition to achieve their goals. This culture basically comes from western countries but from decade or more Indians follow this culture. It is believed that in marriage a person is bound and faces lots of responsibilities, and problems.
Many Bollywood and TV stars today are having Live In relationship, their families have accepted this relation and they are happy. It is a relationship where you live like couple but not married. Some names of those couples who are having relationship are as follows:-

Bipasha Basu & John Abraham

Kareena kapoor & Saif Ali Khan
Krishna & Kashmeera Shah
Gourav & Mouni
Rakhi Sawant& Elesh
Arachana Puran Singh & Parmeet 
Manoj Bajpai & Neha
Some of the above got married and some broke up their relationship.
What is the thinking of today’s youth?

What does our parents believe it matters for youth?

Delhi – NCR Going To Pay More………..!

Delhi and NCR regions are suffering and it seems that their problems are going to increase today. Today Sheila Dixit CM of Capital is going to announce its budget for this year. Common man is under high tension today. Prices of Sugar, Milk, Vegetables, Pulses are already touching sky but today it seems that prices of Watch, LPG gas, Water tax, Branded clothes may go high. Suspense is going through common man.
Prices of Petrol, Diesel, CNG Gas, and on LPG Gas are increased as we thought before announcement of Sheila Dixit. A common man and women of Delhi have to more money on fuel. From last year people of Delhi and  NCR are paying more on pulses, vegetables, sugar, milk and now they will have to pay more for other things. It is second time price hike in less than two years that prices are increased.
Income is not increasing but prices of everything is rising. Money goes from pocket as if water is flowing. Prices are not controlled by government but day-by-day prices are rising. It is becoming harder to live luxurious life infact people are struggling to fulfill their basic needs.
How much a middle class man will suffer due to inflation?

What do you think?
Is This What our CM has in treasure for us?

Safety Of World Is In Our Hands?

We human beings live in a huge world but sometimes it seems that the world is too small. We have achieved great achievements due to which we can do or have or go anywhere by any how with very ease. We can do each and everything just by pressing a button or sitting on sofa. World has now reached to Moon and now we are trying to stand on Mars. It was not possible before many years ago man use to live life like a animal. We have achieved each and everything which helps to save our time, energy and money. We call ourselves as Modern people. We are creating problem for our future by disturbing our nature. Countries are discussing about Global Warming but is there any one country who has taken any step for that? Human eat fish, meat, sea animals and other animals to fill their stomach?

Population of World is growing day-by-day. We are suffering shortage of work, income, savings, food, and even shelter is a big problem for today’s common man. There is huge amount of pollution increasing and due to which we are suffering from various health problems. There is a shortage of  Job too.
No one is safe in this world. We are not safe from diseases, terrorism, security of life. We may suffer accident, any disease, or any other uncertainity in our life. No one knows how long he/she is going to live. We have disturbed our nature badly due to which we are suffering various problems around us. Antarctica a continent where ice never melted is now melting due to pollution. We have no more Animals left in our forests because people are killing animals for their enjoyment. Many animals are on the way of extinction.
Water in sea is decreasing, trees are becoming less because they are used in making furniture, papers. People use plastic bags and throw them in water, rivers or lakes. Human eat fish, meat, sea animals and other animals to fill their stomach. God has given so many things to eat like fruits and vegetables. Then why don’t human beings understand this?
There are many birds, animals who are extinct and now we can not see them in the world, and some names are as below:
The Moa-nalo were a species of ducks that were similar physically to geese and native to the larger of the Hawaiian Islands in the pacific.
The Norfolk bird. An extinct species of parrot and close relative of New Zealand’s Kākā, the Norfolk Island Kākā was a large species of parrot that inhabited the rocky treetops of Norfolk Island and Phillip Island.
The Aepyornis or otherwise known as the the ‘elephant bird’ is a species of giant flightless bird that is believed to have become extinct around the 17th century.

The Caspian tiger is also known as the Persian tiger and was known to be a beautiful animal, thought it is thought to have become extinct by the late 1950s.

Tasmanian tiger. Thylacine is the real name for Tasmanian tiger. It was the largest known carnivorous marsupial of modern times. It is believed to have become extinct in the 20th century.
The Newfoundland was a subspecies of the grey wolf, which is a predator with whom the cattlemen and ranchers still take issue today.

Cave Bear. Was a species of bear which was related to the brown bear or grizzly bear of modern times. It lived and ranged in Europe and went extinct about the end of the ice age, which ended about 20 thousand years ago.
The Passenger Pigeon, which numbered once in the tens of billions, lived in North America east of the Rocky Mountains. Their flocks, a mile wide and up to 300 miles long.
The Dire Wolf is an extinct North American species of wolf which was a great deal larger than our wolves of present day.
Steller’s Sea Cow was a mammal which ate vegetation and adapted to living entirely in the water. Could an animal that supposedly went extinct in 1768 still be in the waters of the Pacific?
British Wolves. At one time wolves were very common throughout Great Britain. Just a mere two thousand years ago, they were said to have numbered nearly ten thousand and to live in mainland Britain.
The Dodo was a non flying bird that lived on the island of Mauritius, and stood about 40 inches tall. The Dodo nested entirely on the ground. It became extinct only a few hundred years ago, in the late 17th century.


Who is responsible for nature imbalance? 
What action should be taken by an individual? 
International bodies should take some action instead of talking?

IPL4 – Two New Teams In 2011

IPL-3 is just going crazy and exciting it was believed before start of season. It was believed that that this year two more teams would be taking part but this could not happen this year, but surely two more teams are going to take part in IPL-4. The franchises up for bids include Nagpur, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kanpur, Dharamshala, Indore, Cuttack, Gwalior and Visakhapatnam. The two cities attracting the highest bids will join the eight existing IPL teams.

IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi expects the minimum base price for bidding to be fixed at $250 million, five times the base price for the eight original teams that were auctioned in 2007. Lalit Modi, the IPL commissioner, tweeted that there were 5 bidders and which included Videocon, Adani, the Sahara group the Jaypee group and Pune-based builder Anirudh Deshpande.
The prices of the 8 Franchisees which were bought earlier are as below:
  • Mumbai Indians – Mukesh Ambani – Rs 441 crore
  • RCB – Vijay Mallya –Rs 440 crore
  • Deccan – T Venkatram Reddy –Rs 422 crore
  • CSK – N Srinivasan –Rs 359 crore
  • DD – GM Rao –Rs 331 crore
  • KXIP – Preity Zinta –Rs 300 crore
  • KKR – SRK –Rs 296 crore
  • RR – Manoj Badale – Rs 264 crore
The Eight teams total amount is Rs 2853 crore. But the two new teams are much more costlier than old one’s.
The highest bid was of Sahara Adventure Sports Ltd for Pune was Rs1702 crore
The second highest was Rendezvous Sports Ltd.Rs 1533 crore and they bid for Cochin.
These two teams make total of Rs 3235 crore.
Many individuals and companies have shown interest in owning IPL teams, such as actors Ajay Devgan, Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt, and the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group.
IPL has just broken the limits and dreams of thinking about the games. IPL in three years have made a huge mark on common man or we can say cricket lover’s. Hope to see much more hot matches in future by these two new teams.
Subroto Roy owner of  Pune team of IPL 2011.

Haiti Still Suffering from Earthquake Disaster…………..

Haiti people are still suffering from the biggest disaster of the year 2010. Thousands feared  and dead in Haiti after a quake measuring 7.0 on Richter scale. People lost their lives, house, family and everything in the earthquake. Still people are facing problems of food and shelter. Woman’s are unsecured and have no safety. The quake killed an estimated 200,000 people has made women and girls ever more vulnerable. They have lost their homes and are forced to sleep in flimsy tents.

With no lighting and no security, they search places to spend safe night after sunset. Sexual assaults are daily occurrences in the biggest camps, aid workers say — and most attacks go unreported because of the shame, social stigma and fear from attackers.
Young girls have to negotiate sexually in order to get shelter from the rains and access to food aid. The 21-year-old said her family has received no food aid because the Haitian men handing out coupons for food distribution demand sexual favors.
A 17-year-old girl says she was a virgin before six men attacked her and raped her repeatedly.
Women’s, or teenage girls no one is safe. As the lights goes off rapes takes place. There are several kids who have no one to care for them and are suffering from diseases. Women’s are suffering sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy, victims face possible HIV infection. Haiti has the highest infection rate for the virus that causes AIDS, with one in 50 people infected.
More security and safety should be provided in terms of lady police officers, shelter for women’s and teenager should seperated from men’s. Food items, clothing and medicines should be provided fast so that hunger of stomach doesn’t make a man a demon.
Neighbouring and other countries should come forward and help Haiti. May god give strength and power to all women’s and girls fight against demon.

Apna Sapna Money Money…….. Mayawati’s Dream!

Mayawati opposed on women’s quota passed in parliament because she thought that it would not be beneficial for SC/ST women’s of rural areas. Mayawati does not have money to pay salary for UP Government officials, she didn’t had any answer for that, but now she spent Rs 200 crore for BSP silver jubilee celebration. The garland was made of rs 1000 notes of Indian currency, and its price is estimated as Rs 5 crore. The garland was made under supervision of party members. The garland was placed on Mayawati’s neck. Mayawati is honoured with these kind of garland on her birthday by her party members.
The celebration was made lavish and money was spent to decorate the whole city of Lucknow in blue. Party members reported after controversy that garland was dismantled and were transferred into party account. The party members also reported that the garland was made of Rs 21 lakh only. Mayawati being known as “Dalit Queen” has big bank balance.
The Income Tax department also stepped in and decided to probe the source of the money for the garland of Rs 1,000 notes presented to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister at her ‘Maha rally in Lucknow’. 
RBI (Reserve Bank of India) has some law to maintain the value  and safety of currency notes and they are as below:
Currency notes should not be folded.
Notes should not be tore.
Nothing should be written on notes.
There are such more rules for currency notes. Few days back some children’s painted Mayawati poster by black colour and they were arrested by police officers, now why no action is been taken by senior authority and Mayawati?
The exhibition of money or show of is banned in politics. Income Tax Department reported that they will interogate about this matter and check garland but till now garland is not taken into custody.
Garlands and fancy decorations with the currency should call for capital punishment?
What punishment should be given to Mayawati and her party members?