Traffic Rules – Do We Follow Them?

In Morning we all are in hurry to go to school, for office. The present transport system has minimized the distances but it has on the other hand increased the life risk. Every year road crashes result in loss of lakhs of lives and serious injuries to crores of people. We all want to be in time and want to be punctual for not getting punishment at school, or scolded by Boss! So to reach in time we break traffic rules and sometimes this causes an accident and we may have to pay our lives on behalf of it. Delhi Traffic police runs their website to help youngsters, elders, and in people in emergency.

In India itself about eighty thousand people are killed in road crashes every year which is thirteen percent of the total fatality all over the world. Man behind the wheel plays an important role in most of the crashes. In most of the cases crashes occurs either due to carelessness or due to lack of road safety awareness of the road user.
Traffic Police can be called for Complaint against TSR the number is 56767.
Traffic Information number is 9811452220.
Some Slogans by Delhi Traffic Police:-
Don’t be a hell mate, Wear a helmet.

Speed Thrills, but Kills.

Caution and Care makes Crashes rare.

Day or night Obey Traffic Light.

Two Wheelers for two only.

Accident brings tears, safety brings cheers.

Drive to care not to dare.
Don’t be rash, let’s you crash.

Don’t mix drinking and driving.

Some Rules to be remembered:-
Hand Signals are necessary at certain times. 

Use directions indicators in emergency or otherwise.

Wear Helmet For both Two wheeler is compulsory.

Do not park Car or vehicle at or near a road crossing, or in No Parking Zone.

Use the Horn only when essential and do not use it in a silence zone. 

Maintain adequate distance from other Vehicles. 

Motor vehicles should have a visibility of at least 70% and that of side windows a minimum visibility of 50%.

All those driving motor vehicles with registration number plates not conforming to the specifications, will be penalised. 

Do you Follow Traffic Rules or you are always in Hurry?

What are your thoughts? 

Summer More Hotter By Electricity Bills In Delhi – NCR

Firstly prices raised of Rice, Vegetables, Pulses, Sugar, Milk, Gas have crossed the limits, How much a common man will suffer? When a government will take some step to control rising prices? How much a common people will suffer to fulfill his basic needs? Now prices of Electricity may also rise in Delhi and NCR.

Delhi and NCR regions are suffering and it seems that their problems are going to increase today. Prices of Petrol, Diesel, CNG Gas, and on LPG Gas are increased as we thought before announcement of Sheila Dixit. Income is not increasing but prices of everything is rising. Money goes from pocket as if water is flowing. Prices are not controlled by government but day-by-day prices are rising. It is becoming harder to live luxurious life in fact people are struggling to fulfill their basic needs.

Yesterday Sheila Dixit informed that prices of Electricity may rise, as Delhi-NCR people have more money prices does not matters. She also included that how much you want electricity you will have to pay for that, as income is increased people will have to spend.
Does Our Government think about poor one’s?

How can Government forget Common man?

Womens Becareful In Call Centre – Toilets

On Wednesday a spy-camera was obtained from women’s toilet in Delhi’s Call Center company named HSS in Pitampura. The complaint was filed by women’s working in organisation and a case is filed by police and two persons are arrested and inquiry is going on. Case is filed against Sanjay Kumar. According to a police officer, Kumar, in his twenties, allegedly put a ‘camera pen’ in a packet of air-freshener kept inside the women’s ‘Toilets’ in the call centre. “When one of the women employees entered the ‘Toilets’, she saw something blinking in the packet of air-freshener,” a police official said. “On closer scrutiny, she found out that it was a camera and informed the company management”.

The police have taken the pen drive containing the footage and sent it for examination. According to the officer, Kumar would be interrogated to investigate whether he put the camera in the ‘Toilets’ and the motive behind it. A case under Section 509 (for using word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of woman) of IPC has been registered against Sanjay. The role of others in the call centre is also being investigated.
The company assured it will look into the matter, he claimed, adding, they told the employees that a helper in the organisation was responsible for the installation of camera.
“It is very shocking and we don’t know for how long this has been going on. Some people have seen the footage, which has blurred images of women,” an employee said.
Are Working women’s safe in their Organisations?
How reliable are the organisation ‘Ladies Washrooms’? 

Rally For Poor Or For Election Publicity By BJP?

BJP today is carrying out massive huge rally in Delhi and NCR against price rise. The entire BJP leaders, members and heads have joined the rally. L K Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley, Rajnath Singh are expected to be present at the rally. Even state leaders have brought huge crowds from their states to join the party, around 5 lakh workers are expected to see in rally. The rally started from Ram Lila Ground in morning. Many hoardings and posters were seen on road side to promote rally.

“Price rise is not an outcome of any natural calamity, it is the outcome of the wrong policies of the government,” Swaraj said in her two-minute speech. Soon after her speech, the BJP MPs raised slogans against the government and boycotted the house.
Due to this huge rally people faced huge problems of traffic jam. Traffic route was changed due to rally but still the problem is not solved. The roads affected would be Ring Road, Mathura Road, C-Hexagon, Tilak Marg, Bahadur Shah Jafar Marg, J L N  Marg, Asaf Ali Road, Netaji Subhash Marg, Ranjit Singh Marg, Tolstoy Marg, Sikandara Road, Bara Khamba Road, Parliament Street and Ashoka Road etc.
Carrying out this huge rally is to show the strength and power to other parties. The rally carried out is just to publicize about the party or really party truly thinks about common man?
Gadkari alleged that food stocks were rotting in warehouses and accused the government of deliberately neglecting the storage so that these could be sold to liquor manufactures at cheaper prices later.
“This has happened because of bad management and corruption.”
BJP instead of organising rallies and wasting time, money and energy of its party members, why doesnt it work in work hand in hand with the govt and help in solving out the crisis by providing its valuable inputs. This would bring the party in good words.
In BJP Govt. 7 years back Tomato Rs.40/ KG onion Rs. 60 /Kg Potato Rs.20/Kg Today in Congress Govt. Tomato Rs.12/ KG onion Rs. 10 /Kg Potato Rs.7/Kg. But other eatables, oils, gas, and basic needs are very high in cost as compared to past record.
Not a single Government has done anything which gave benefit to common man.
Is there any one party who did in benefit of common man?

Do BJP has any right to blame Government?

Why we people suffer due to Government faults?

Politicians, Franchisees Involved In IPL Controvesry

IPL Controversy is becoming huge day-by-day and also many things are coming out. Income tax officials searched the offices of the two groups associated with telecasting IPL matches. The bidding papers of the Adani and the Videocon groups, which had bid unsuccessfully at the auction, were missing and the Income Tax department was hunting for them to close gaps in its investigations. 

Those companies are World Sports Group, IMG and Sony Multi Screen Media. The TV rights for India were then allotted by WSG to MSM. However, in 2009, the IPL cancelled the MSM contract, citing, among other reasons, poor-quality broadcasts. MSM went to court, but after a tough legal battle, decided on an out-of-court settlement. The new deal saw MSM paying more than a billion dollars to hold onto the TV rights for the remaining nine years. There were allegations that MSM had also given WSG an 80 million dollar facilitation fee as part of its agreement.
The income tax visits officials will not describe them as ‘Raids’ are a part of the government’s promised attempt to clean up what many describe as one of the most corrupt acts in India. Modi says he will not resign and will fight back at a governing council meeting on the 26th of this month.
On Tuesday, Pawar met Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Home Minister P Chidambaram; he then met with Shashank Manohar, President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). After both meetings, Pawar apparently decided that Modi should be removed from the top post.
A newspaper article revealed that NCP minister Praful Patel’s relatives are stakeholders in an IPL team. Another alleges that Pawar’s son-in-law was part of a group of investors who tried to win one of the two new franchises sold last month. Sharad Pawar’s daughter, Supriya Sule, said emphatically that neither her husband nor anyone else in her family has any link to the IPL. “I do not owe anyone any explanation. My family has nothing to do financially with the IPL,” she said.
Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray today demanded a ban on the controversial Indian Premier League (IPL) “to save cricket”.
Politicians are making issue and messing up the IPL by asking Government to ban the IPLis right?
Sports no longer left out from politics?
Whats IPL’s Future?

Tourist Women’s Unsafe In India!

India’s tourism campaign is called Incredible India. India is a country where foreigners comes in abundance. Foreigners come here to visit our country. In our country foreigners are unsafe and every year many cases are been filed in police stations. The woman, 28, in her complaint at Canacona police station alleged that Okaroafor raped her on Saturday night by spiking her drinks. The woman met him at a party at a resort in Canacona and later spent the night with him in his home near the beach. The woman says that she never consented to sex, said Superintendent of police Allan D’Sa said. A medical examination report of the woman is awaited.
A few months back, there was the case of two NRI girls being attacked in Mumbai near the J.W.Marriott Hotel.

The tragic case of rape and murder of a young British girl Scarlett Keeling in Goa, which the Indian police initially tried to cover up stating that she drowned after taking drugs. It was only after the 15-year-old girl’s mother raised hell that a second autopsy was conducted and the truth about the teenager’s rape and murder came to light.

In India, stealing of passport of foreigners from luggage on trains and buses is widespread. There are also taxi scams present in India where a foreign traveler, who is not aware of the locations around Indian airports, is taken for a ride round the whole airport and charged for full-fare taxi ride while the terminal is only few hundred yards away.
Just as any other Country the Cities in India are safe mostly but there are some remote places it may not be so. But an average Indian gives respect to Women much better than other Countries. Villages and rural areas are most safe for every one in India.

How much Foreigners are safe in our country?

Do people believe in ‘Aththi Devo Bhavah”?

Justice After 11 Years For Jessica!

On April 29, 1999, Jessica was bartending at a Delhi restaurant owned by designer Bina Ramani, who was hosting a private party that night. Sharma asked Jessica for a drink. When she refused, he shot her. Jessica was taken to a hospital by Ramani, where she was declared dead. Two days later, Sharma’s Tata Safari car was found in Noida, near Delhi. Sharma himself surrendered a few days after that. He has, since then, denied that he killed Jessica.
A trial court in Delhi first acquitted Sharma in February 2006. The Delhi High Court then reversed that decision in December 2006. Sharma appealed to the Supreme Court against the High Court’s verdict that found him guilty. The Supreme Court, in its judgment, has said, “The prosecution has proved beyond reasonable doubt the presence of Manu Sharma at the site of the offence.”
The Jessica Lall case struck a chord with middle-class India which saw it as a example of an middle class family taking on rich and powerful opponents. The trial also exposed the weaknesses of the legal system. The case stretched for years without any major development, and one after another, key witnesses turned hostile.
The witness included Shyan Munshi, who was a model and a friend of Jessica’s. He first said he had seen the murder happen and that Manu Sharma had fired the gun twice; but in 2001, he failed to identify Sharma in court, dealing a huge blow to the prosecution.
The two witnesses who are credited with helping to convict Sharma are Ramani, and her daughter, Malini. Bina Ramani identified Manu Sharma, Amardeep Singh Gil, Alok Khanna and Vikas Yadav as present at the restaurant. Malini Ramani said she had overheard the conversation when Jessica refused Manu Sharma a drink which led him to pull out his gun and both said they saw Sharma shoot Jessica.
“It’s not impossible to nab the culprits. We should not lose faith in judiciary. I would like to thank god, my family and media for this justice,” said Sabrina Lall.
11 Years is fine for Justice?

Delhi Under Threat Of Cobalt-60

The Mayapuri incident has shaken up all of us, it’s necessary to amend existing laws or making new ones for the management of radioactive waste. It’s a matter of people’s health. The government will soon take adequate steps to monitor radioactive waste. On Thursday, experts scanned all 800 shops in the west Delhi scrap market from where 10 sources of radioactive Cobalt-60 was recovered leaving seven persons exposed to radiation. “If a person came to Jain’s shop and was sitting close to the source for a long duration, then he would have received a high dose of gamma radiation. Blackening of skin is an indicator,” said Dr Bhattacharjee.

Scientists from the Bhaba Atomic Research Centre (BARC) and Narora Atomic Power Station also scanned Mayapuri Industrial area. Sharad Aggarwal, experts visited the Mayapuri scrap market this morning also and scanned the area to check whether there was any other source of radiation. Day-by-day many people are getting affected by this radiation in Mayapuri.
Co-60 is used in industrial applications such as industrial radiography cameras, nucleonic gauges for thickness measurement and in well-logging operations, and in medical equipment.
Mr Jain is still not properly well and no Hospital is keeping hand or treating for his illness. Firstly he was admitted to AIIMS, then to MAX where he was kept for 10 days but no doctor treated him. These huge hospitals does not have the Radiation facility?
Is there no rule or law where exports from other country comes to our are not checked?

Big names but no better facilities by the Government and Hospitals?
Who is responsible for this mess?

Will It Be Good Monsoon This Year?

Monsoon in India are uncertain but as we all know that if this year it does not rains than prices of eatables will rise too much, people who are poor would die without food, and there would be shortage of water all over the country. Monsoon forecasts for India are keenly watched by traders and analysts as the south Asian nation, one of the world’s top producers and consumers of sugar, wheat, rice and edible oils, depends on rains to irrigate 60 percent of its farms. Good rainfall will ease pressure on the government, which has seen widespread protests over rising prices, and faces a stormy parliament session from Thursday as rival parties have teamed up to oppose ballooning prices.

India’s weather office is likely to issue its formal weather forecast next week and update the prediction in June after including latest weather data in its model. India’s weather officials say the monsoon remains a “mystery phenomenon” and no forecaster could have predicted last year’s devastating drought.
This year we started feeling hot and sticky in month of March but summer season always start from April. If it rains proper all over India than many problem of our country will be sort out.
In some areas every year it rains a little and in some places are flooded. Let’s hope this year every place in India receives a good amount of rain and country becomes green and fertile.  

Cell Phone more than -Toilets In India

India is huge country with crore’s of population and variety of languages, festivals and divided into various cities villages and states. What is more important for basic life ‘Toilet’ or ‘Cell Phones? For a youth cell phone is a must because it represents him as a man of 21st century and fashionable.You may see a cell phone with ‘Rickshaw wala, a Grocer, a Tailor, and even with a Bus Conductor. Now a days it has become easy to have cell phone. Our governments make huge speeches before elections but after winning they forget. Even the Municipal committees of the city does not try to keep clean and provide the facilities that are important for basic life.

Sanitation and a clean environment are important to improve health of the people and reduce the incidence of diseases among children. The lack of sanitation facilities compounds the trauma of displacement and loss. For instance, in Gujarat, a fact finding team found that there were only 22 toilets for 10,000 persons in one of the relief camps set up for those who had to flee from their homes following the recent communal clashes. This gross insufficiency means that both men and women have to queue up, but while the men can (and often do) stop to empty their bladders by the roadside, the women cannot.
Some research shows roughly 31 per cent of the population in India had access to improved sanitation in 2008. The number of cell phones per 100 people has skyrocketed from 0.35 in year 2000-01 to about 45 today.
“The men can manage somehow and relieve themselves whenever they want, they can walk around and locate some place behind a bush, but we women can’t do that.”
“It is a tragic irony to think that in India, a country now wealthy enough that roughly half of the people own phones, about half cannot afford the basic necessity and dignity of a toilet,” said Zafar Adeel, Director of United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health.
The women of one family affected by the earthquake in Gujarat last year said, “We can speak boldly about the lack of sheets and pillows and blankets, but somehow find it difficult to bring ourselves to mention toilets. That is a subject we are not supposed to mention, it’s not done.

Sulab Shochalay” are made in India but they cost Rs 1 or more from man’s and woman’s but the woman’s who are poor and don’t have money to pay what about them?

It is time to do something by our government and politicians but as we all know they won’t do anything.