Petrol, Diesel Prices On Sky

Petrol and diesel will cost up to Rs 3.50 per litre more, households will have to pay an additional Rs 35 per cylinder and poor man’s cooking medium kerosene will be dearer by Rs 3 a litre from today. The prices are going to rise. In Delhi prices are going to be above Rs 50.

The decisions, taken by the EGoM headed by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherejee, were timed appropriately to take advantage of relatively lower global crude prices, which are hovering around USD 77 a barrel.

This would also help cut down on the government’s huge subsidy bills, as also relieve the oil marketing PSUs of staggering burden on account of selling these fuels much below the market prices. 

The decision follows a ministerial panel meeting on freeing up petrol prices and cutting subsidies on diesel, kerosene and cooking gas, to help rein in the fiscal deficit, which is projected at 5.5 percent of the gross domestic product in 2010/11 and free up revenues for other programmes.

Crude oil is imported, a import duty is applied on this. Then all of us paying excise duty and sales tax for the petrol. Over and above all petroliem companies pay big divident to the governemt. If from all the money they collect as above, if some portion of it is reduced, how you can we say it is subsidy.

A Year After Death – Micheal Jackson

Today is the first death anniversary of Michael Jackson. Jackson was born August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana, to an African-American working-class family. His father, Joseph Jackson, had been a guitarist but had put aside his musical aspirations to provide for his family as a crane operator. Believing his sons had talent, he molded them into a musical group in the early 1960s.

Michael joined his siblings when he was five, and emerged as the group’s lead vocalist. Michael and his brothers spent endless hours rehearsing and polishing up their act. For several years, Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 maintained a busy tour and recording schedule, under the supervision of Berry Gordy and his Motown staff. Gordy wrote many of the songs recorded by the group and by Michael Jackson as a solo artist.

Jackson caused some controversy with his sexual gesturing and violent actions. The change in his skin tone was the result of a disease known as vitiligo. Jackson also opened about the abuse he suffered from his father. child molestation against Jackson emerged later that year. A 13-year-old boy claimed that the music star had fondled him. Jackson was known to have sleepovers with boys at his Neverland Ranch, but this was the first public charge of wrongdoing.

Jackson wed nurse Debbie Rowe. The couple had two children through artificial insemination. Son Prince Michael Jackson was born in 1997 and daughter Paris Michael Jackson was born in 1998. Rowe and Jackson divorced in 1999 with Jackson receiving full custody of their two children. He would go on to have a third child, Prince Michael Jackson II, with an unknown surrogate.

Jackson would never get to experience the success of his comeback tour. On June 25, 2009, Jackson suffered cardiac arrest in his Los Angeles home. He was rushed to the hospital after his heart stopped and CPR attempts failed, but he died later that morning.

On July 12, 2009, a televised memorial was held for fans of the King of Pop at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. While 17,500 free tickets were issued to fans via lottery, more than an estimated one billion viewers watched the memorial on television and the Internet. The Jackson family held a private funeral on September 3, 2009, for the immediate family and 200 guests at Forest Lawn Memorial park in Los Angeles.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museums around the world are paying tribute to the King of Pop.

Children Getting Aggressive

Aggressive kids tend to behave indifferently for the silliest of reasons, not only because they want to get the things done according to their will, but because many other reasons as well. For instance, they might be facing humiliation in school, when they are teased or called by names. A17-year-old boy in Bangalore consumed rat poison after he was not allowed to watch any more football matches.

Kevin Peter, a first year student at St Miras Institute, was frustrated after his parents scolded him for watching too much football and banned him from watching any more matches. Kevin picked up a bottle of cockroach poison and sprayed it into his mouth.

Knowing that your child becomes easily upset under certain circumstances allows parents or care-givers to avoid or work around these situations – or at the very least, be prepared for them. Kids tend to imitate what they see and hear. They accept negative traits of other people much more quickly than the positive ones. The bad experiences, such as verbal and physical abuse during childhood, always remain in their mind. So, make sure that they grow up in an environment wherein they get to see and hear only good behavior. It is the parents’ responsibility to show good behavior and act as a role model for small children.

If you expect your children to act responsibly and calmly, be sure to do so yourself. And remember, even a ten or twelve year-old girl or boy is still a child. When they are scolded or disciplined very aggressively, they tend to hit back even more strongly. They might show their aggressiveness relentlessly, if you treat them in a very harsh manner. Rather, tactful discipline is the key to bring down the level of aggression in difficult children. Show them care and love, while disciplining them. Aggressive children often threaten others. Other students often fear the aggressor as he/she will be both verbally and physically aggressive.

Once a child begins to view him or herself in a negative light, it becomes even harder for them to manage their symptoms. To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’. This applies to aggressive children as well. When they are scolded or disciplined very aggressively, they tend to hit back even more strongly. They might show their aggressiveness relentlessly, if you treat them in a very harsh manner.

Do not consider aggressive children as problematic for everybody. Instead, take it as a challenge to correct your kids in the ways, which wouldn’t harm either their feelings or yours. You need to teach them the skill of expressing their feelings in acceptable ways. 

NRI Brides & Grooms – Trustable?

Marriages are made in heaven! This is what we all believe but how much is truth? Indian brides and grooms marrying NRI Grooms and brides are facing various problems such as lying, cheating, false promises, dowry demands, quick divorces, desertion and abduction of children. Hundreds of women in Punjab marry Indians living abroad because they think their marriage would be a ticket to a better life. But for many of these women life turns hell when their husbands abandon them.

Dhaliwal, a Canadian citizen, alleged that he married Rukhwant Kaur Toor in India in March 2003. After five days of marriage, he returned to Canada and began the sponsorship process. Dhaliwal said that 15 months later, Rukhwant telephoned him, telling him that she had arrived in Surrey, Canada. Dhaliwal alleged that Rukhwant cheated him claiming: “Rukhwant has taken away all the jewellery, her own as well as the ornaments and I gave her, the clothes, and the registry of my ancestral home which is in Sangrur district. Dhaliwal said he has lodged a complaint with Jagraon police against his bride and her family, accusing them of cheating him.
Avtar Singh Grewal, an NRI businessman in Vancouver, Canada, is under arrest in Delhi for allegedly killing his wife Navneet in USA. Navneet is one of the hundreds of women in India who married NRIs for a better life abroad but soon found that the marriage was a nightmare. Kiranjit Ahluwalia endured 10 years of violent abuse from her UK-based husband before she killed him in May 1989.
Sonal Agarwal says her disfigured face is a constant reminder of the most terrifying night of her life – her wedding night. My husband just went crazy. He said he wanted to kill me and lashed out at me with a knife and cut my face.” said Sonal, tugging a blue scarf covering her head to hide slash wounds on her left cheek. “He was mentally sick and wasn’t a doctor and didn’t have a job. His family tricked me and now my life is finished,” she said.
Sneha Singh said she didn’t know much about her groom but still married him. Her parents didn’t find about the US-based groom-a mistake. Her husband, mother-in-law and sisters-in-law turned out be cruel.
What do you think?  

Honour Killing In Delhi

We have reaches in 21st century but still in our country there are many regions and villages where still “Love marriage”, “Inter-caste” marriage, or marrying in same “Gotra” is a ‘Sin’ or ‘Paap’. Decades have been passed but these rules have taken lives of many newly married couples or they have been separated by ‘Panchayat’, or by their ‘Families’. In the Capital, a young couple was found murdered for ‘Honour’ in West Delhi.
26-year-old Kuldeep’s body was found in his car outside his house, Monika was found murdered in their house in Ashok Vihar. The boy’s parents have accused the girl’s family, specifically her brothers, of honour killing as the couple belonged to different castes. The mysterious murder case of an inter-caste couple in the capital took a new turn Tuesday with police finding the body of one more person in a car belonging to a relative of the victims. 
The car was found in H-Block in Ashok Vihar Phase-I in northwest Delhi on Tuesday morning. It is said that the body found is of a girl named Shobha who is cousin sister of Monica. The car belonged to one Rahul, who is the cousin of Kuldeep. Rahul is said to be the person, who had helped Kuldeep and Monica in getting married four years ago. He was then allegedly beaten up mercilessly by the brothers of Monica for helping the couple getting married.

It is believed that it is a case of ‘Honour Killing’, where a boy belongs to Rajput and girl belongs to Gujjar community.

In past few months many couples have lost their lives only just because they married in other caste.

How much lives are being saved by LAW?
Who will take the responsibility for our youths?
Is Love marriage such a big crime?
How many of you support these fake traditional values?

Anil Nanda Accused In Murder Case

Anil Nanda industrialist in Delhi is accused for murder of his driver Janeshwar Sharma. Janeshwar Sharma, an ex-service man, was hospitalised with serious burn injuries on June 9. However, for over a week, nobody from the police department approached Sharma to record his statement. In fact, the city police failed to record the victim’s statement.

Nanda, who is unmarried, is the chairman of the Akme Projects and is the son of former Escorts group chairman HP Nanda.

The FIR lodged with the police states that Janeshwar was admitted to Apollo Hospital at 11.15 am and at 1.40 pm Dr Mahesh Kaitu declared him fit for statement. Yet his statement was not recorded by the police. Delhi Police are yet to consider the victim’s request for a murder investigation. In an on-camera statement Sharma alleges that some unidentified persons poured fuel on him and set him on fire.

In the seven days that he battled with death, Janeshwar left behind two sensational claims on who and why someone wanted him killed — one suggesting he was forced to spy on Nanda’s business partner Vijay Sinha, and the second is related to Nanda’s alleged sexual misconduct.

Janeshwar’s brother Yogesh is appealing for death for those involved in the murder. Yogesh also suspects the role of the police in his brother’s death.
Why police didn’t arrested Anil Nanda?

Being an Industrialist helps accused to be free from acquisitions?
Janeshwar Sharma will get justice?

Dowry System Still Around Us!

Dowry! Do you support  ‘Dowry system’? Have you taken or given ‘Dowry’? There are many cases where bride is harassed in such a way that she commits suicide instead of fighting against the injustice happened to her. Some women’s are harassed if they give birth to a girl.

Not only dowry is asked in marriages, but in other religious or children birth occasions are not counted less then dowry. When a boy is born grooms family asks for gifts, money, gold  or silver items for their relatives and for themselves. Dowry has taken many lives of women and unborn girl child in women’s womb.

A 21-year-old pregnant woman in Delhi committed suicide allegedly after she was harassed over dowry. Payal got married to Pawan on November 21, 2009 with traditional fanfare. The groom’s side was gifted essential home appliances along with jewellery at the time of the marriage.

Payal was lying on a stretcher surrounded by cops and Pawan’s family members. She was brought dead to the hospital. Pawan showed her suicide note and said that she committed suicide by hanging herself,” said Saroj.

All the essential home appliances and jewellery were given to Pawan and his family at the time of marriage. But Pawan demanded a car or Rs two lakh. He used to beat up Payal everyday for this. Payal would often complain to her family about Pawan’s misbehaviour but the family thought some patience from her side would make the situation better. Payal was working in a private firm in Kashmiri Gate area. Pawan used to take all the money from her. This made Payal unhappy. Moreover, Pawan used to physically assault her in the night after drinking.

An FIR under section 498A, 34C, 304B and 306 of IPC and have arrested the accused and his parents,” said a police officer.

On May 19, Bhagyashree was badly beaten up by her in-laws after she went a beauty parlour. She was admitted to the hospital with 65 per cent burns on May 20. Getting her eyebrows done at a beauty parlour proved fatal for Bhagyashree Shinde in Pune. Her father alleges that the 23-year-old was beaten up and set on fire by her in-laws for daring to go to the parlour.

The FIR was registered against Bhagyashree’s husband Sachin, brother-in-law Damodar, mother-in-law Dhondubai and sister-in-law Geeta.

Government Officers And Bribe Is Common!

Corruption is the single biggest roadblock to development, way above poverty, population, illiteracy, terrorism. While all of us condemn this. Bribe is no longer limited to demanding cash. One out of every three people living below the poerty line in India paid bribes to access basic public services such as health care, education, and water, says a new study that also found that people believe these services to be more corrupt than they actually are.

We’re at 74th position in the list of corrupt nations according to a study. It could involve demanding a share holding in a firm and endless rounds of harassment.
Ramakrishna, a tax inspector with the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike, owned many properties: one residential house in Nagarbhavi, another house in Vijaynagar, a two-storeyed building in Nagarbhavi, a piece of land in Nagarbhavi, six acres of agricultural land in Kodichickanhalli, two palatial buildings in Nelamangala and a luxury car.
A BCC tax inspector receiving bribe of Rs 7,000 from a resident in Koramangala . S Vishwanath, a tax inspector of Ward No 67, allegedly demanded Rs 10,000 for assessing house tax and issuing fresh khata to a property owned by the complainant, Habib-ur-Rehman, in Koramangala 7th Block.
The Chief of Shri Ram Sena Pramod Muthalik was caught on camera for accepting bribe to hold riots. Pushp Sharma approached Pramod Mutalik and other leaders of the Sena posing as an artist wanting quick publicity. Mutalik agreed to vandalise three art exhibitions in Karnataka and allegedly charged Rs. 60 lakhs for the act. He claimed that he could hold riots in Muslim dominated areas in Bangalore and Mangalore.
CBI arrests a Senior Inspector of Railway Protection Force in a bribery case. The Central Bureau of Investigation has registered a case on allegation that Senior Inspector of Railway Protection Force, Mumbai (Central) demanded an illegal gratification of Rs.10,000/- for allowing advertising the stickers in local trains of Mumbai Suburban. This amount was subsequently reduced to Rs.4,000/-. Both the accused were arrested.
The anti-corruption bureau (ACB)  trapped a medical officer of the Osmanabad District Civil Hospital while accepting a bribe of Rs 5,000 from a patient.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has nabbed an Income Tax Additional Commissioner and her husband for accepting a bribe of Rs.1.50 crore.
The Joint CEO of Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) Vijay Kumar Nagrao Kalam Patil and Deputy Community Development Officer V Patare were arrested  for demanding a Rs 7-lakh bribe.
Chief Post Master General of Maharashtra and Goa M.S. Bali has been caught while accepting a Rs.2-crore bribe, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) said Thursday, describing it as the biggest such case involving a government official in 60 years. He has been sent to a week’s CBI custody
Mothers bribe their children to behave and earn good grades. Fathers bribe youths to marry according to their race and financial position. Those who take bribes and pay bribes raise a corrupt family.
Corruption has spread like a cancer in our society.Not a single govt.dept is balance from the clutches of this evil thing.Needless to say about politicians and ministers.
Corruption at any level, at any section should be treated as war against nation.
Do you give bribe for your work to be done?
What you are giving to your child …… Lesson of Bribery? 

Mobiles Mobiles And More Mobiles

Can you live without ‘Mobile? I don’t think in this modern world anyone would spent an hour, and a day without ‘Mobile’. For a youth cell phone is a must because it represents him as a man of 21st century and fashionable.You may see a cell phone with ‘Rickshaw wala, a Grocer, a Tailor, and even with a Bus Conductor. Now a days it has become easy to have cell phone.

In this year lots of companies have come to India and brought variety of cell phones for youths, women’s, businessman’s, and for corporate world. There are different types of mobiles like Dual-Sim phone, Multimedia Phone, Touch Screen. As fashion changes the change can be seen in Cell Phones too. You can get the cell phones of different colour, shapes and sizes.
You can Chat, Surf, Mail, Download, Listen Songs, MMS, Video calling. You can easily send your files or documents or pictures via Bluetooth. You can do whatever and whenever you want to.
Name of Mobile Companies:-
  • Nokia Mobile Phones           
  • Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones
  •  Blackberry Mobile Phones
  • Motorola Mobile Phones
  • HTC Mobile Phones
  • Micromax Mobile Phones
  • I-Mate Mobile Phones
  •  Orion Mobile Phones
  • Onida Mobile Phones
  • Acer Mobile Phones
  • Lemon Mobile Phones
  • Huawei Mobile Phones
  • Karbonn Mobile Phones
  • Asus Mobile Phones
  • Apple Mobile Phones
  • Samsung Mobile Phones
  • Mobile Phone Accessories
  • Spice Mobile Phones
  • LG Mobile Phones
  • Fly Mobile Phones
  • Videocon Mobile Phones
  • O2 Mobile Phones
  • Sagem Mobile Phones
  • Google Mobile Phones
  • I9 Mobile Phones
  • Palm Mobile Phones
  • HP Mobile Phones

Do you Know all these names?

CNG Prices High – Delhi, NCR & Mumbai

CNG prices hiked in Delhi and NCR. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) prices here by over 25 per cent, following the government’s move to more than double the price of natural gas. CNG rates in Delhi went up by Rs 5.60 per kg – from Rs 21.90 to Rs 27.50 per kg. It is assumed that prices of diesel may also raise.

The new consumer price of Rs 27.50 per kg in Delhi and Rs 30.60 per kg in Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad  from yesterday midnight.

CNG would still offer 59 per cent savings in terms of running cost compared to petrol driven vehicles at the current level of prices in Delhi. When compared to diesel driven vehicles, the economics in favour of CNG at revised price would be 28 per cent.

For autos, the increase would be just 16 paisa per km, for car/taxi it would be 27 paisa per km and in case of buses, the increase would be Rs 1.60 per km, which translates to less than 3 paisa per passenger-km.

But still Auto-rickshaw drivers are against of price high they are trying to unite and they might go on strike.

How much a common man has to pay now?

How much your monthly  budget is increased?