Are Padma Awards…….. Precious Or ?

Receiving Padma Shri awards means that something good is done in development of country, arts, trade, industry, social work or anything which is not only good but also great and remarkable. Padma Shri are given for exceptional and distinguished service in any field including service rendered by Government servants. And those who deserve these awards were ignored or you can say they remained unrecognized.

Gulam Mohammed Mir is thought that he was a terrorist in his past. Opposition party in Jammu & Kashmir has claimed that Gulam Mohammed Mir is not a person to be honoured by such a prestigious award. He said “This is incorrect, I never had any links with militants. This story has been floated by some enemies. I’m a civilian I used to run my business. I have chosen to work for my country on my own accord. I have helped recover over 1000 arms. Every time I encountered militants, I tried my best to make sure that no one got hurt. If you want proof you can get it easily. I have worked with civilians for other civilians. When militants would enter their houses and harass the women, I’d intervene. It’s all a conspiracy”.
Abhinav Bindra says “Yes, I am disappointed to see that their names have been omitted”.
Sailesh Kumar and Vijendra Singh are now feeling sad at being overlooked for the Padma awards who made us proud in Olympics.
Sant Singh Chatwal US based hotelier  received Padma Bhushan awards is accused in a 9 million dollar fraud.
Saif Ali Khan bollywood actor received Padma Shri awards. Till now he hasn’t done any work which is so great that he received this award.
Yasin Merchant great snooker player raised a storm when they were ignored for the prestigious Padma Shri award.
Resul Pookkutti Oscar winner who belongs to the state, did not figure among those nominated to the Centre for the Padma Shri.
Moon Team who found out water on moon was unrecognized as they find no mention in the list of Padma awards.
No Farmer was nominated this year.

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