Huawei Y6p Official Trailer

Huawei Y6p Official Trailer

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Origins of Olympus Season 2 OFFICIAL TRAILER | Minecraft Percy Jackson Roleplay

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► Intro Song – No Other Way – Simon Gribbe-

● Production Music by Epidemic Sounds

● License: CC BY ( official trailer


Diplomacy is not an Option – Official Trailer

Wishlist on Steam:
In the RTS-game “Diplomacy is Not an Option”, you will become a medieval feudal lord in a midlife crisis. Due to your position, you must constantly make hundreds of decisions a day related with city- management and economic development. You are tired of this monotonous and, so it seems, meaningless existence. But things are about to change: hordes of bloodlusted enemies, zounds of scary monsters and crowds of rebellious peasants at any second can bring some life to your working schedule.

Discord channel: official trailer


Hypercharge: Unboxed – Official Trailer

Hypercharge: Unboxed is a classic style FPS that mixes Tower Defense with Wave-Based Shooting. It has a huge focus on teamwork, exploration and progression. Break free from your packaging (literally) and blast every toy to pieces. Can you and your squad fulfil the epic mission of Sgt. Max Ammo and protect the HYPER-CORE?

Hypercharge: Unboxed is now on Steam:

#ign official trailer


Total War: Warhammer 2 – The Warden & the Paunch – Official Trailer

Long has Eltharion the Warden of Tor Yvresse stood sentinel, ever-watchful for signs of Greenskin incursion. After defeating Grom the Paunch in ages past, and scattering his hordes, Eltharion swore that no Orc or Goblin filth would ever set foot in his lands again. But Grom has other designs. His cavernous belly aches for a rematch, and his hunger for vengeance is matched only by his titanic appetite. Get ready for the WAAAGH!!!

#totalwar #warhammer #trailer official trailer


IS THIS LOVE CHECKMATE!? – OFFICIAL TRAILER | Kashiwagi Yuki, Kentaro Ito, Murakami Jun

➡ Watch full episodes of Is This Love Checkmate!?:

About Is This Love Checkmate!? (この恋はツミなのか!?):
At 24-years old, Taiga Kohinata (Kentaro Ito) is the very definition of the average salaryman. Doing what he can to eek out his own meager living, Taiga has never experienced any of the pleasure life has to offer. Single all his life, he often wonders if he’ll ever meet a woman who makes his heart sing. Something he doubts will ever happen, considering he can barely muster up the courage to speak to a woman, let alone ask one out.

But all of that changes the day 32 year-old Shogi chess player, Tae Komada (Kashiwagi Yuki), walks into his life. Nothing more than a beautiful woman he happens to cross paths with during his daily commute, Taiga shouldn’t have had any problems getting Tae out of his head. But there’s just something about her he can’t seem to forget.

As fate continues to throw them together, Taiga comes to realize Tae is actually the woman of his dreams. But with such a difference in their ages, is this love doomed before it even begins?

Based on the manga of the same name, by Shito Torishima, “Is This Love Checkmate?” is a 2018 romantic comedy directed by Dan Ogawa.

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Viki Global TV official trailer


The Medium – Official Trailer | Inside Xbox

From the developers of Blair Witch comes a new, next-gen horror game. As players assume the role of Marianne, a medium haunted by visions of a child’s murder, they’ll venture off to an abandoned hotel on a search for answers. The Medium will feature a musical score made in collaboration between Bloober Team’s Arkadiusz Reikowski and Silent Hill’s Akira Yamaoka.

#ign #gaming #xbox official trailer