Biggest Family in the World – One Husband – 39 wives In India

Indian citizen named Ziona Shana aged 67, married 39 women, having 94 children, 14 daughters in law, 33 grandsons which counts total of 181 members for one family !

Whole family lives together. All family members live in one house. The house consists of 4 floors & 100 rooms.One dinner meal consists of 30 chickens, 66 kg of potatoes, 110 kilos of rice.
Ziona’s eldest wife Zathiangi 69, and youngest wife’s age is 30. Ziona’s eldest son’s age is 50 Parliana.

While the younger wives have rooms connected to the master bedroom of Ziona, the older wives have been given rooms in different corners of the mansion.
All the cooking is done over an open fire kept burning throughout the day. It has its own school, a playground, carpentry workshops, piggery and poultry farms, paddy fields – and a vegetable garden big enough to feed the entire extended family.

The family’s home is called Chhuanthar Run – which translates as “the house of the new generation” – in the hills of Baktawng village, in the Indian state of Mizoram.

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