Bihar Still To Be Developed

How many of you believe that Bihar is developed or developing state? In 2005, Bihar had 23 lakh children out of school. Today, this figure is 8 lakhs. Politicians never did or would do anything for development of the state? Parties make huge promises but none of them is fulfilled.

Nitish Kumar urged the public to vote his Government back to power. Bihar’s progress is on the right track; we are working towards putting growth of Bihar on the tracks of development and it has started showing results. Now, that the vehicle of growth is running, and if you give us another chance then this vehicle will run so fast that by 2015 Bihar will become a developed state for sure,” said Nitish Kumar.

Corruption starts from the highest authorities and runs through the lowest authorities. People cannot elect sincere politicians because it requires an educated judgement. Since the illiteracy rate is highest in Bihar so this is just a dream, ‘coz when you favour to some politician whom you consider honest people will think that you are supporting that particular caste.
All the fundamental facilities such as electricity, transport should be in better condition.
There is crime, illiteracy, poverty, infrastructure is bad in condition, less employment these things make bihar undeveloped as government starts working on these issues the state will be developed and prosperous.
Today elections of third phase is faced by Bihar there are 1.03 crore voters who will decide the fate of  787 number of candidates.

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