Bloody Island Official Trailer #1 (2019) Horror Movie HD

Coming Fall 2019 to VOD and DVD

The world now knows the story of this small town massacre, seven Community Service workers and many others, on one horrendous weekend lead by officer Bob Butterfield, an old childhood tormentor of psychiatric serial killer Billy Fouls, but they don’t know that you can’t kill Billy.
Getting ready to take a break from reality for a while, Officer Bob Butterfield agrees to one last job, a few hundred miles away, at an abandon amusement park on a private island. With two x Marines joining on the journey as Community Service Officers, no better way to keep the ten Community Service Workers in line, right? The owner of the amusement park, a cracked out clown, and his pal, “a little person”, are always on-premise and loves to put on a good show for the very few who find this island. The question is, will they be the ones putting on the show.

Directed by Joseph P. Kelly
Executive Producer Robert Wichman, Joel Damian, Doug Waterbury, Julian Cervantes

Stephen Cena, Mindy Robinson, Shawn Philips, Chris Woods, William “Wild” Bill Myer, Joseph Kelly, Casey Litzenburger, Jamie Morgan, Joe Cliff Thompson, Amelia Favata, Erica Lorenzetti, Denys Ramos Jr., Michael Sanavonxay, Liza Pabon, Jarvis Davis, Todd Forkell, Derrick Roosa, John Sindoni, Mike Jone, Rhys Lyons, Steve Handzel.

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