Couples Murdered For “HONOUR”

India is a country with different festivals, cultures, religions, beautiful mountains, rivers, valleys, and colourful. India is country of traditions and people here live life by following their traditional values till they are alive. We have reaches in 21st century but still in our country there are many regions and villages where still “Love marriage“, “Inter-caste” marriage, or marrying in same “Gotra” is a ‘Sin’ or ‘Paap’. Decades have been passed but these rules have taken lives of many newly married couples or they have been separated by ‘Panchayat’, or by their ‘Families’.

There many couples who have lost their lives and now they are just names.
GEETA’S crime was that she married a non-Rajput. “Everyone in the village knew that we planned to get married, but none objected. Neither my parents nor Jasbir’s family objected to our marriage,” she said. Although she had some apprehensions against marrying a boy from the same village in view of social sanctions, Jasbir reassured her and the couple got married under the Special Marriage Act in a court in Chandigarh. She said that the four persons who had murdered her husband had repeatedly threatened that they would teach him a lesson for marrying a Rajput girl. Jasbir’s mother, who also spoke at the convention, said that she would keep her daughter-in-law with her and the only thing that concerned her was securing justice. Said Geeta: “I do not care if anything happens to me. I am going to fight it out till the end.”
Rohtas Kumar,from Haryana a Dalit, explained how his community was humiliated by upper-caste Jats after two Jat girls ran with a Dalit youth. He said that though it was clear to everyone that the girls had eloped on their own, a case of kidnapping was registered. The village remained tense as the caste panchayat of Jats announced a public boycott of Dalits. Essential supplies were denied to Dalits and they were prevented from drawing water from the village well. Rohtas Kumar, who opposed such measures, was publicly flogged and had to pay a fine. “It was a choice between getting killed and facing humiliation,” he said. More important, the girls who returned to the village died in suspicious circumstances.
A girl was forced to consume poison after being denied the right to get married to a boy of her choice. The boy, on the other hand, left the village along with his family, fearing reprisal. There was yet another instance where a couple, after getting married, was forced to annul the marriage following a caste panchayat declared that the man and the woman belonged to the same gotra or sub-caste. They were made to declare that they were brother and sister.
Raj Narayan, from Bhawanipur district in Uttar Pradesh, narrated how his brother’s wife was gang-raped and burnt to death by influential people belonging to the Yadav community of the same village, in a case of revenge. Her crime was that her son had eloped with the wife of one of the Yadavs. Yadavs forced all the male members of the family to search for the couple and then in their absence assaulted his sister-in-law, Sia Dulaari. Since her house was locked from outside, the Yadavs, who shared a common wall, scaled it at night and raped her.
The Karnal sessions court awarded death to five members of a family on Tuesday for the honour killing of Manoj, 23, and Babli, 19. The newly weds were hacked to death by the girl’s family within days of their secret marriage in Chandigarh on May 18, 2007, on the diktats of a self-styled community panchayat (khap) for marrying against societal norms. Their mutilated bodies, with hands and legs tied, were found in a canal on June 23.
A newly married couple was shot dead in full public view at Patti village near the India-Pakistan border in Punjab on Tuesday. The couple had got married a few months back and were living in Firozpur, about 200 km from the village and were also given police protection. Prabhjot and her husband Sandeep were shot allegedly shot dead by her family members, while she was going to give her 12th board exams.
These are some stories of those couples who have lost their lives or relations by their families false ‘Proud’. Families try to keep their proud in any way in society by forcely marrying girl with other guy or by killing her. “Honour” is what should be true and by which everyone see you and give an example to be like you. But today people don’t hesitate taking lives of their child or others child.
Punishment should be given so hard that every human being remember’s and don’t commit such crime only for their ‘false pride’.
How much lives are being saved by LAW?
Who will take the responsibility for our youths?
Is Love marriage such a big crime?
How many of you support these fake traditional values?

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